DCFoodPorn’s Restaurant Bucket List

By: Julia Greenzaid

Photos: Courtesy of Justin Schuble


Thirty Seventh had the pleasure of following Georgetown University’s very own Justin Schuble (DCFoodPorn, MSB ’17) and his 84.6K Instagram followers around the neighborhood for some quality eats fit for a college budget. Read on to find out Georgetown’s most insta-worthy, crave-enducing, must-have menu items and food places: tested by the one and only DCFoodPorn!

Challenge yourself to dine at them all before the end of the school year – that’s only 3 restaurants a week, and for any foodie, far more appealing than the Tombs 100 Day Challenge!


DCFoodPorn’s Top Picks for BREAKFAST:

GreenzaidDCFoodPorn21. Paul Bakery and Café

Where: 1078 Wisconsin Ave

How: Lovely 14 minute walk


2. Ted’s Bulletin

Where: 1818 14th St NW

How: 13 minute Uber ride


3. Kafe Leopold  

Where: 3315 Cady’s Alley NW

How: Lovely 10 minute walk


4. Beard Papa’s  

Where: 1332 Wisconsin Ave NW

How: Lovely 15 minute walk


5. Astro Donut and Fried Chicken  

Where: 1308 G St. NW

How: 11 minute Uber ride


DCFoodPorn’s Top Picks for LUNCH:


1. DGS Delicatessen

Where: 1317 Connecticut Ave NW (Dupont Circle)

How: 10 minute Uber ride


2. & Pizza

Where: 1400 K St. NW

How: 9 minute Uber ride


3. Buredo

Where: 825 14th St. NW

How: 10 minute Uber ride


4. Georgetown University’s Farmers Market

Where: Every Wednesday 11am-1pm Red Square

How: Right on campus!


5. Luke’s Lobster

Where: 1211 Potomac St. NW

How: Lovely 10 minute walk


DCFoodPorn’s Top Picks for DINNER:


1. Bangkok Joe’s 

Where: 3000 K St. NW (Brand new Thai restaurant and dumpling bar!)

How: Lovely 15 minute walk


2. City Tap House

Where: 901 I St NW

How: 15 minute Uber ride


3. Barcelona

Where: 1622 14th Street NW

How: 15 Minute Uber Ride


4. Taco Bamba

Where: 2190 Pimmit Dr Falls Church, VA

How: 15 minute Uber Ride


5. Circuit Restaurant 

Where: 2221 I St. NW

How: 15 minute Uber ride

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