Article & Photos by: Bella Gerard

Boyfriend? No boyfriend? Who cares – it’s summertime, which means your boyfriend jeans are what’s really important. Now that everyone’s jumped on the bf jeans bandwagon, it can be hard to stand out, so we did our best to make it a little bit easier.

From the runway to the waterfront, the pom-pom trend is everywhere, and companies have been all about tossing the trim on a piece and jacking its price way up. To save some money and create a one of a kind piece, just grab a few supplies and get ready to strut into summer with style!


Step 1: Gather

To nail this look, you’ll need some supplies: your favorite pair of jeans, some pom-pom trim in the color of your choosing, a pair of scissors, and a loaded hot glue gun.

Step 2: Distress

Use your scissors to cut slits and holes in the knees of your pants. Distress the denim by running the blades up and down the openings. (Pro Tip: Once you wash your jeans, the fraying amplifies, so if you aren’t satisfied with the amount of distress, toss them in the wash to loosen up the look!)

Step 3: Attach

After cutting a strand of trim the length of your pantleg, use your hot glue gun to secure it down the side hem. Apply the glue to the back of each pom-pom as you move your way down.

Step 4: Admire

Voila! Throw these babies on with some chic sandals and a loose tank for a breezy, boho look that’s both playful and trendy.





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