10 Items to Bring for Freshman Year

By: Adele Marchant

Photo by: Christine Zhang

Let me guess: you’re stressed out about what to pack for freshman year. You don’t know how different Georgetown will be, or if you’re bringing the right things – I totally get it. Luckily, I have a sister that happens to be getting ready to move into UNC Chapel Hill for her freshman year (shoutout to you, Emili!) and it has put me in touch with my former-freshman-self, just in time to give you some tips.


A Cute Pair of Booties to Go Out In

It’s rare to find Hoyas headed to the Tombs in a pair of heels, but you can find many girls wearing a cute pair of booties  to dress up a pair of jeans both day and night. They are comfortable, low maintenance, and can be paired with anything – you can also find them at almost any price point. Taupe and black are the most versatile colors. Booties are the perfect year-round going out shoe to rock, as they keep your feet toasty in the winter yet are still stylish in the summer.

A Crossbody Bag

When you’re headed to a party or out to dinner with friends, the last thing you want to bring is a big, heavy tote bag. Instead, opt for a crossbody bag, which is roomy enough for a wallet, keys, and phone, but small enough that you don’t notice that you’re carrying it. (Pro Tip: Don’t spend too much money on a going out bag, as girls oftentimes stash their bags in a corner of the bar on the floor while they dance.)

A Real-Deal Coat

Coming from North Carolina, I was not prepared for the winter that was waiting for me in Washington, D.C. While our winters are relatively mild, if you are not from a cold area, you really should invest in a warm coat. The D.C. wind chill somehow manages to get through almost every clothing layer you put in its way. Also, while we’re on the subject of cold, it never hurts to invest in some all-weather boots like L.L.Bean Bean Boots or Timberlands. You’ll be thanking me for this tip come January and February.


A Hand Truck for Move-In

During move-in, you can rent carts to help you move your belongings from your car to your room. However, I recommend bringing your own fold up hand truck to speed up the process. Sometimes the lines for the cart are long, and waiting for the elevator takes even longer. If you have a trolley, you can easily bring box after box without waiting for a cart.

An Extra Mattress Pad

One mattress pad is nice. Two mattress pads will make a bed dreamy. If one of those is foam, it’s out of this world. While this is definitely a luxury, you spend more time in your bed than anywhere else in your room. Save on the decorations and invest in comfort.

A Handheld Vacuum

Georgetown rents vacuums to students, but it is so handy to have a small vacuum of your own in your room. When you live in a small space, having a clean floor makes a huge difference. Renting a vacuum is quite a hassle, but a small handheld one is easy and will definitely be used.(Pro Tip: Do not confuse this with something wimpy. This needs to be heavy duty – not just able to pick up those Cheerios you dropped when you weren’t paying attention.)

Workout Clothes

Georgetown is all about athleisure. Every day (especially in the winter) you will find your fellow Hoyas walking to and from class in leggings or gym shorts and sneakers. Girls and guys will often work out in between or right after class, so most of campus looks like they could walk into a yoga class at any given moment. Don’t mistake this, however, for dressing sloppily. Hoyas are almost always dressed up compared to other schools, so expect to see both girls and guys still looking put together with athleisure that looks clean and fitted. What’s most commonly seen? Black leggings, Adidas or Nike sneakers, and a sweater or workout top are what’s currently trendy on campus.

A Cheap Jacket to Go Out In

Sticking with the theme of clothing, many Hoyas have a cheaper jacket  they opt to wear out at night, in case of the off chance that it gets stolen at a party. Stealing isn’t the norm, and most people take their jacket off and hide it somewhere “safe”, but oftentimes people mistakenly grab the wrong jacket in a rush to leave. Head to H&M or a local thrift store and buy a cheap jacket you don’t mind losing.

A Heavy-Duty Phone Case

Let’s be honest, we all drop our phones a lot. Do yourself a favor and invest in a Lifeproof, Otterbox, or something similar to prevent yourself from dishing out $100 a month in screen repairs. It seems like every week one of my friends has broken their phone. Don’t be that friend.

Less Than You Think You Need

You’re about to start the journey of a lifetime. So many things about you will change, including what you wear and how much time you are spending in your room. You don’t need to bring 30 t-shirts and 65 pairs of shoes; you also don’t need to bring 6 blankets and every videogame or book you’ve ever purchased. Bring the necessities and figure out the rest later. I promise you will need less than you expect. (Pro Tip: This especially applies to clothes. Bring way less than you think. You might even find that after freshman year you could never imagine wearing the clothes you brought to school with you, so wait until you get settled on campus before you start buying the material things you need. This is also an incredible excuse to go shopping on M Street.)

Think of an essential we forgot to mention? Leave it in the comments below! 

Welcome to the Hilltop, Class of 2020!

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