Waking Up Beautiful

By: Adele Marchant

Photos by: Isabel Lord
It’s no secret that having great time management skills is a trait almost all Georgetown students strive for, so it’s no wonder we live by the “sleep is for the dead” mantra. What if I told you, amid this Sleep Revolution, that you could multitask in your sleep?! A Georgetown student’s dream!

Here’s how to wake up beautiful while catching these extra Zzz’s…


#1—Take off your makeup and scrub your face


I know this is redundant, but real beauty sleep can’t happen if your makeup is clogging your pores all night. Your skin repairs itself while you’re asleep, and having old makeup on your skin prevents this. I recommend the Makeup Eraser, which is reusable and will save you major money, followed by a cleanser or a face scrub to grab the last bits of makeup in your pores. There is no better feeling than waking up with a clean, zit-free face after a night out.

#2—Apply a face oil or heavy moisturizer + lip balm


After washing your face, your skin is in dire need of some moisture. I love applying a serum, followed by eye cream and face oil to replenish the moisture in my skin. Granted, face oils are not for everyone, so while I cannot recommend argan oil enough, a thick moisturizer will also do the trick. Slather on some of this and your skin will feel instantly more nourished and glowy. Follow with some heavy lip balm and you will wake up fresh faced and radiant. Bonus tip: add some oil onto your eyelashes to help them grow and strengthen!

#3—Sleep with your hair in a braid


This is an ages-old trick to adding a little texture to your hair and preventing damage while you sleep. Braid your hair – and even add some beach wave spray if your hair is hard to curl – while you sleep and wake up with soft, loose waves. Your hair can get pulled around while you sleep so this also prevents some damage, making it a win-win.

#4—Apply some face self tanner for extra glow


While some people might tan naturally, pale girls like myself cannot. But tans fade, especially on the face due to all the makeup and washing. Rub on a little face self-tanner  at night and wake up with a slight bronze-y glow on your skin. It almost looks like foundation, so you may not even need to wear makeup!

#5—Slather on hand and foot cream


Our hands and feet are perhaps the most utilized yet undernourished parts of our body. They do so much for us, and the least we can do is take a few seconds to slather them with lotion while we sit in bed. Apply your favorite cream to your hands and feet and wake up callus free. Bonus points if you rub on cuticle oil onto your nail beds!

#6—Go to bed early!


I’ll tell you this, the Sleep Revolution is onto something. Going to bed early and getting a full 8+ hours is the ultimate way to achieve beauty sleep. Like I mentioned before, our bodies repair themselves overnight, so cutting back on sleep sabotages this chance at revitalization. So put on your eye mask and snuggle up!


These strategies not only cut down on the time spent doing your hair and makeup in the morning, but also give your idle hours of sleep some productivity. Add a few of these steps (or try them all!) and you’ll be out the door faster with radiant skin, beachy hair, and flip-flop-ready feet.


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