By: Anna Boyd

Photos: Charlotte Jones


While the transition into college is a ton of fun, let’s face it – it can also be kind of scary. When I was in your shoes just a short year ago, the thought of the unknown that lay ahead of me at Georgetown filled me with a mixture of excitement and nerves.*

Recognizing this, we at Thirty Seventh are here to make planning your new dorm room a no-brainer. So, close out that Pinterest search filled with unrealistically large dorm rooms, stop gawking at the horrible images on the Residential Living page, and keep scrolling for real pictures and advice from the frosh dormitory experts themselves: the class of 2019.

*Spoiler alert: Everything turned out just fine for me, and it will for you, too!



Harbin residents cited the building’s cluster system as its biggest asset, since it helps to create super tight-knit communities within each little pod. Not to mention the dorm’s massive amounts of storage space and convenient central location on campus.

Meet Sophie Knoll

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Sophie’s comfy and fun litte Harbin room utilizes every spare inch to the max with storage bins, bunked beds, and photo-filled walls that add a personal touch.


“We just wanted it to be very bright and colorful.”

Go-To Shopping:

“All our bedding is from Roberta Roller Rabbit and then the rest of it we got from different places. The rug is from Calypso,  and we use bins as storage, which we really like.”

Essential Dorm Item:

“Honestly, the mini fridge. We keep so many snacks in there.”

Pro Tip: Looking for accent pieces from less basic providers will ensure your room has a more unique style than the masses shopping exclusively at Bed Bath & Beyond. Some of the other recommendations we received included places like Urban Outfitters, Dormify, fracesca’s, and The Container Store.


Meet William Morris and Michael Marsh

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William and Michael show off their school spirit in this blue and grey themed room, which they personalized using various posters, figurines, and photos for a homey vibe.


Michael: I would describe my side of the room as “basic”. I wasn’t really going for a style. William went for Texas style [laughs].”

Go-To Shopping:

Michael: “I got most of my stuff at Target in the dorm room sections and then all my bedding stuff and fan at Bed Bath & Beyond. Bed Bath & Beyond had really comfortable and reasonably priced mattress pads.”

Essential Dorm Item:

William: “I have this little box thingy which has an ethernet cable for the internet that I can plug into my computer so I don’t have to use the wifi. So when everyone was having wifi problems, because I had that I was totally fine. It’s a fiber optic ethernet converter. I got it from the tech center.”

Pro Tip: Having a comfortable bed to return to after a long day is a must. However, the regulation dorm mattresses provided are terrible, so things like mattress pads and toppers, comfy blankets and duvets, and soft pillows are essential.



Village C West (more commonly known as VCW) is definitely most notable for its full private bathrooms. Residents love not having to share a communal bathroom or walk down the hallway in a towel every time they need to shower.

Meet Winston Smith

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Winston really took advantage of having a single (note the megabed he made out of the two twins) to create a cohesive and comfortable room with a mellow vibe.


“It’s really relaxed. I wanted it to be a place where I could actually hang out and enjoy time, because a lot of the time people are just running around campus and don’t really want to spend time in their room.”

Go-To Shopping:

“The tapestries I got on Amazon. Amazon is pretty clutch.”

Essential Dorm Item:

“A little fan, this guy keeps me going. Keeps it nice and cool.”

Pro Tip: If you are considering getting an Amazon Prime account, get Amazon Student instead, which is half the cost. Remember that you have a student email address now (and soon a student ID too), which can get you discounts at all sorts of places.



New South is coveted for its proximity to Leo’s (the dining hall), built in sinks, and social atmosphere. Although it has the largest floor size of any freshmen dorm, residents insist that this just means there are more potential friends to choose from.

Meet Mallory Murray

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Mallory’s über cute room uses color coordination and a pink and navy palette to achieve its girly, put-together look.


“It’s definitely preppy and pink!”

Go-To Shopping:

“I really recommend coordinating with your roommate. I think it just gives an overall glow and togetherness to the room. Other than that, just pick a theme or a color and roll with it, and definitely have some fun, eccentric pieces to liven up the area.”

Essential Dorm Item:

“I would say a makeup mirror. You don’t want to be leaning over your sink or going to the bathroom to have to do your makeup. I love being able to sit down at my desk and put my makeup on in the morning and be ready for the day.”

Pro Tip: While most rooms come with a small mirror, none have a full length one. This is important to note when dorm shopping if you need to do a head-to-toe outfit check before stepping out of the door.



Though Darnall often gets flak for being “the worst freshmen dorm”, residents will tell you that it’s not as bad as everyone makes it seem. The floor set up, with all rooms surrounding one common room, and relative distance from other dorms mean that Darnallians get super tight, not to mention that it is literally on top of Epi.

Meet Charlotte Hine

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Charlotte’s room is totally cohesive given its overall use of geometric patterns and a shared color scheme, yet each roommate maintains their own individual style with unique touches like wall decorations.


“I would say we are really coordinated. My roommate and I tried to match everything. I like it to be kind of like homey and cute.

Essential Dorm Item:

“I would recommend lights just because I feel like they give you more options rather than just the overhead lighting. I also really like having a lot of pictures of family and friends.

Go-To Shopping:

“I just went to Target a lot. Also Bed Bath & Beyond and Homegoods, but I spent a lot of time at Target.”

Pro Tip: You can find the location of the local Bed Bath & Beyond here, the Target here, and the Walmart here.  


We hope this look at the freshmen dorms gets you excited – and prepared – for your first year of on-campus living! Each dorm has its own history and special perks, which means that there are no bad options.


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