By: Mallory Murray

Photos by: Caroline Geithner

Ever see someone wearing a cute outfit around campus and wish you could borrow it?  Well, now you can!  Dressmate, a soon-to-be new social platform, helps you to lend and borrow other people’s clothes on campus.  

Late one night, while Christine Yang and Jennifer Simons, both juniors at Georgetown University, were snacking on pizza, they got to talking about some of the problems college girls face.  They hovered over the idea that we can never buy all the clothes we would like to because it would just be too expensive.  The duo developed this idea into the creation of the social platform Dressmate, a website that allows users to share clothing instead of splurging on it.


“As college students, it’s difficult to feel like you can have fun new clothes on a budget, and we also build up an excess of clothes that we don’t really wear all the time, but there’s not a good way to let people borrow them.”   –Christine Yang, founder

So, how does Dressmate work?  The website is geared towards lending going-out and professional outfits.  Each user will have their own profile, which they will be able to link up to their social media accounts and where they can post all their outfits available to borrow.  If you were to log onto the site to search for clothes to borrow, you could browse all your options in your “College Closet.”  You could also filter clothing by size, brands, and search tags, like ‘business formal’ or ‘black party dress’ or ‘navy blazer.’  Ideally, the clothes will be pictured on a hanger in addition to being worn by the lender.  Users will also be able to write reviews on clothing items.  The lending period will generally be 3 days, and once the lender has agreed to let a user borrow clothes, they will coordinate a place to meet and drop-off the clothing.  Payment to the lenders from the borrowers will be on the website through Venmo, so paying rental rates will be easy and secure. Co-founder Christine Yang commented that she and her co-founder Jennifer “are part of the market” so they’re super excited for the website to launch so they, too, can also lend and borrow using Dressmate.  

The founders also wanted to focus on the social aspect of the website.  Dressmate connects college girls on campus through their closets, like networking but with clothes.   Christine is a fan of “becoming friends off of the smallest interactions” and says she hopes this site will help to foster relationships amongst students on campus.

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