Put Your Parents’ Minds at Ease

By: Lily Martin

Photos by: Mollie Coyle

We should all take a moment to thank Georgetown’s founders for providing us with such a quaint and beautiful place to call home. Ours has always been known as one of the safest neighborhoods in the area; as a result, we spend our nights relatively unafraid of walking down the Natty-strewn streets with friends, lost in the ambiance of our peaceful and quiet town, and basically living the good life. However, things aren’t always so carefree, even here on the hilltop.

We’ve all received the emails – the ones about sexual assaults that happen on or around campus – and being the victim of such an event is every college student’s worst fear. However, precautions can be taken to prevent bad things from happening, as well as to protect yourself in case they do. Luckily for us, these precautions often come in shades of pink, and are small enough to fit right in your purse. Some of these tools are even offered right here on campus.

That’s right! We’re talking about self-defense devices and classes. After you read this article, be sure to take advantage of your Amazon Prime account and add a couple of items to your next order – and maybe hit up the GUPD website as well.


Let’s Talk Tasers:

Is there anything that could make you feel more safe than holding what’s basically a miniature version of a stun gun while you walk home at night? Probably not. These babies give you a lot of shock for your dollar, and come in many different styles as well. If you’re trying to stay on the inconspicuous side, this small, ring-styled taser is perfect for discretely slipping on your finger while casually reaching into your bag. If you ever feel threatened, simply give this a small squeeze and your confidence will double. If you’re looking for a multitasker, this flashlight version might become your best friend; especially during those early morning/late night runs to the monuments.

Pepper Spray For Days:

If you’re looking for something a little less loud and a little more classy, then this is the device for you. Pepper spray has been around for ages, and for good reason. The ease and simplicity of pepper spray makes it a must for everyone to own, and with all the different styles, everyone is bound to find one that suits them. Besides, who hasn’t ever imagined dramatically whipping one of these out and spraying a harasser like the women do in cheesy soap operas? We love the makeup junkie’s new favorite lipstick that comes in four different colors, and is small enough to slip into any clutch. There’s also the practical keychain style for every on-the-go Georgetown student; as well as the discrete pen that can be thrown into any backpack for those long treks back from Lau in the dark after a long, productive night.


The Georgetown University Police Department always keeps the safety of our Hilltop as a top priority (which we all well know after taking advantage of their Safe Rides at one point or another) and they’ve recently started up self-defense classes for students and other members of the community. Each session lasts about 4 hours, and provides information on reducing risk, as well as instruction on a few “hands-on” techniques. These classes are offered to both men and women, and are held right on campus in the Reiss Science Building. So why not text some friends and sign up for a evening of learning how to knock an aggressor to the ground?

Here’s hoping no one will ever have to use any of these tips – but when it comes to sexual assault, we recommend being safe (with a taser your worrisome parents ordered you) rather than sorry.

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