By: Jeffrey Adelson

Photos by: Megan Rooney

Beanies are a practical, ubiquitous item – and now that fall weather has arrived they are here to stay. I will admit I have something of a beanie habit; I own at least eight and can’t seem to stop adding to my collection. While I may have gone a bit overboard with this particular part of my closet, now I can pass my ‘expertise’ on to you. Keep reading for my most vital looks featuring this versatile fall staple.

The Straight, Slouchy Beanie:


The beanie in its most basic form, this style is straightforward yet undeniably cute. I recommend pulling it just over your ears, with some hair hanging out of the front and some room left in the crown of the hat to achieve the laid-back look. I complemented this slouchy style with a flannel, cuffed jeans, and thick, blocky frames for an exceedingly hipster outfit, lacking only in Starbucks latte and ‘band you haven’t heard of’ recommendation (check out Sunflower Bean though). The beanie here is loose, comfortable, and gives off an air of effortless style, no matter how hard you may really be trying.

The Single Fold Beanie:


The decidedly cooler cousin of the basic, slouchy beanie, this single-fold style is more hip hop than indie rock. Rather than falling off the back of your head this hat stands straight up, and looks great worn over your forehead with short hair tucked under or long locks flowing free. Embracing the streetwear aesthetic, I wore this orange, single-fold beanie with a graphic t-shirt, black bomber jacket, black skinny jeans, and Adidas sneakers to complete the urban outfit.

Double Fold Beanie:


By taking a straight beanie and folding it into itself, you can create an entirely different style of hat – a very short yet defining addition to any outfit. Once folded in this manner, a straight beanie will fit snuggly onto the back of your head, evoking the skullcaps worn by followers of various world religions. I paired this with an all-black ensemble – imitating runway looks that focus more on the textures and forms of the clothing when worn together than as individual pieces. You can also find hats on the market that are already this short for a look distinct from the other beanie styles – no folding required.

Pom-Pom Beanie:


As always, having fun with what you wear is important, and this last look is my nod to that. Beanies with a pom on top are not uncommon, especially in more vintage styles, and make for a goofy, playful look. I wore this as a single fold beanie, straight and tall to emphasize the colorful fluffball that adorns the hat. The rest of the outfit is skater inspired, complete with Vans and a crewneck sweatshirt. However, this style really shines in wintertime, when the glistening, snow-covered pom transforms into a festive accessory of its own.

So whether you prefer the contemporary cool of the single-fold or the classic pom, if you haven’t rocked beanies in the past, make now the time to start. I promise your ears will thank you come winter.

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