By: Mallory Murray

Photos by: Jessica Li

The Mr. Georgetown pageant may be over, but Trevor McLean’s reign has just begun. I sat down with Mr. Relay for Life to learn a little more about this year’s Mr. Georgetown:

1. School/major/minor

I’m in the college studying economics with minors in classics and theology.

2. Where are you from?

A suburb called Elmhurst right outside of Chicago.

3. Corp coffee or Starbucks?

I’m actually going to have to go with Leo’s coffee.

4. What groups are you involved with on campus?

Mainly, Relay for Life.  Relay is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society for cancer research and Hope Lodges, which are large homes close to hospitals all over the country where families can stay while their family members are being treated for cancer.

Mr. Georgetown_Li03.jpg

5. You were Mr. Relay for Life. What does Relay mean to you?

Relay is so important to me because cancer is this terrifying disease that you feel like you can never do anything about.  Ever since Mr. Georgetown, people have come up to me, telling me their stories and why they want to get involved in Relay.  Relay is a way that we feel like we can make a difference.  It shows us that we’re not alone.

6. Best advice you’ve received at Georgetown/ best advice to others?

To find your niche on campus, find something that you’re passionate about and do something that you love, not just something to build your resume.

7. Tell us a little about your talent. That lift was amazing!

(Writer’s Note: If you missed the pageant, Trevor’s talent included a real life reenactment of the ending lift from Dirty Dancing!)

Well, when I was preparing for the pageant, I realized I have no performable talent.  So my friends and I had this google doc with a list terrible ideas.  I also made a list of all the things I loved this summer and decided to do a Bachelorette/Dirty Dancing combo.  When my friend Mariah and I were practicing for the final lift, I actually never even dropped her!

8. Allen Iverson, Dikembe Mutombo, or Otto Porter?

Actually, Nate Lubick – his name and personality speak for themselves.

Mr. Georgetown_Li02.jpg

9. What’s your favorite Georgetown memory?

My favorite memory would be my Sophomore homecoming, hanging out in Henle with all my favorite people who are now my best friends.

10. What was your favorite part about about participating in Mr. Georgetown?

By far, it would be preparing for the show with all the other guys.  We’ve all become so close, and there was no competitive aspect at all.  We would all help each other with our talents.  We were all just having so much fun with it.  This was a great way to connect with some awesome, outgoing guys I’d never meet.

11. What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

Well, I’ve been here during the summers, and the Volta Park pool is open and free to students, so some friends and I would go down there on weekends to swim and hang out.

12. What is your go-to clothing item?

Some free shirt and gym shorts.  I love my “Relay” or “We are Georgetown” shirts.

13. Favorite season?

Summer.  Summer is the only season.  I love summer because it encourages you to get off your couch and go do something fun.

Mr. Georgetown_Li05.jpg

14. Georgetown Cupcake or Baked and Wired?

I actually haven’t been to either!  So I’d have to say Thomas Sweets.  I normally just go with a sorbet.

15. Tell us something people might not know about you.

I’m actually the reason there’s a “Caution” sign on the glass walls in the Healy Family Student Center.  When HFSC first opened, I kept running into the glass walls.  I walked right into them all the time, there were multiple forehead prints, so they had to put up a sign.

16. Do you have a Mrs. Georgetown?

No, I do not.

17. What’s your favorite secret spot at Georgetown?

I wouldn’t say the spot is so secret but I really just enjoy the fishbowl in Henle.  I made some of my best friends there, and I’ll always associate it with my best friends.

18. What’s your go-to Wisey’s order?

Burger madness.

19. Sunrise at the monuments or sunset at the waterfront?

Sunset at the waterfront.  Sunrise is too early.

20. What’s been the best part about being Mr. Georgetown?

The best part is what it’s done for Relay.  A ton of people have come up to me connecting with what I said in my interview, telling me how cancer has affected their life and how they want to get involved.  Relay is not just a club; it has a huge underlying meaning involved.  The Mr. Georgetown pageant helped spread the word and now a ton of people just want to get involved.  It’s been really amazing what this has done for Relay.

Mr. Georgetown_Li01.jpg

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