Reinvigorate your Room: A Guide to Room Scents

By: Justin Jang

Photos by: Serena Pu


As the middle of the semester rolls around, our rooms begin to accumulate mustier scents: undone laundry, stale food, and bad decisions. It goes without saying that it’s high time to keep your living space smelling like one of a functioning adult. This fall, consider making a change or addition to the way you keep your room smelling pleasant. There are many dynamic choices for room fragrances that serve various needs and degrees of immediacy, especially with work ramping up at this point in the semester.



Scented Products_Pu01.JPG

The classic room scent modifier, candles are very convenient due to the fact that you can practically buy one anywhere and all you need is a lighter to keep your living space smelling great for a very long time. Even when they aren’t being used, they serve as great interior pieces that look good on their own. Do note, however, that candles are not allowed in dorm rooms (I learned the hard way).


Fragrance Diffusers

Scented Products_Pu04.JPG

Fragrance diffusers are a far more passive and easier option for those that want a pleasant, underlying smell throughout a small space. The setup for these is extremely simple: Remove the lid on the bottle, throw in the diffusing sticks, and put on the white cap. These diffusers come in all sorts of scents and sizes, but I personally found the ones at Millefiori Milano to be the best smelling and the most practical after some trial and error.


Room Sprays

Scented Products_Pu03.JPG

This is the go-to item for when you need your room smelling good immediately. Maybe your parents are due to pick you up in ten minutes and you want to showoff your independent living skills. Perhaps your significant other is coming by and you want to impress them with a fresh-smelling ambience wafting in the room. The most frequent use, at least from what I’ve observed, is to mask the smell of pungent food spilled on the floor so that the room is rendered usable to your roommates. Regardless, for on-demand smell improvement, I recommend room sprays ranging from Febreeze to The Laundress to combat any odor.


Scented Room Tags

Scented Products_Pu07.jpg

Do you want to channel a hotel-like vibe while at the same time keeping an alluring floral scent on your doorway? If so, these fragrance room tags from retaW are for you. I personally found that looking at these room tags reminds me of better times spent on vacations––much needed during midterms and final papers. The sophisticated simplicity of both the tag and the scent creates a pleasant atmosphere every time you enter the room. For wowing yourself, your roommate, and others when they enter your room, retaW’s room tags are the way to go.

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