Hoya High Style

By: Mallory Murray

Photos by: Megan Rooney

Some of the best places to turn for fashion inspiration are classrooms right on campus.  Check out these popping trends from in and around Georgetown this season:

Knot Your Average Shirt

Try this new twist on your favorite basic t-shirt!  Take a normal tee and tie the bottom into a knot.  This is a great way to change up a classic look: perfect for working out or just going to class.  Another way to put a twist on a different type of basic shirt is to tie up the ends of a button-up shirt and throw it over your shoulders or around your waist for an extra layer.  



Silk Tops

A basic silk camisole is all the rage right now.  Rock the cami look with a sweater on class days or wear it out on its own during the weekends.  You can also try layering a silk cami over a plain white tee for a high fashion vibe.


Double Up

Doubling up on necklaces has been a popular trend for a while now, and it’s still going strong.  Delicate and versatile, this layered look will have you feeling classy and confident all day long.  Try matching a small chain with a pendant necklace or even mixing metals for a unique take on this trend.



Not only are jumpsuits comfortable, easy to throw on, and super versatile, but they are also an up-and-coming popular fashion piece.  Jumpsuits come in all kinds of styles and colors, so find one that works with your personal style and you’ll be the fashion envy of all your friends.


Denim on Denim

This look seems to be growing on people this season.  True, there was a time when denim on denim was a fashion faux pas, but no longer!  Throw on your favorite jeans and shrug on that old denim jacket, and you’re ready to rock the runway.



The go-to jacket style this season, this piece is perfect for everyone and looks amazing in every color.  With different styles including embroidered, quilted, or classic, this jacket is a wardrobe essential.  Throw a bomber over any outfit to instantly be on trend!



Now, get out there!  Give these looks a try.  Or make it your own by picking a specific trend you like and incorporating it into your personal style!

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