Fit and Fitted

Article and Photos by: Michael Castaño

Whether it’s to find some relaxation from your busy schedule, to keep your body healthy, or to look and feel good for your date this weekend, we can all find some time in our schedules to exercise – go to Yates, run outside, or even work out in your dorm. Check out the following outfits that are guaranteed to help you look stylish while you break a sweat.

When Streetwear meets Gymwear

A denim jacket with a basic cotton hoodie – or any layered jacket, for that matter – will help make you look fashionable and cozy when working out in colder weather. Accent this feeling of style and comfort with a pair of fitted sweatpants and your favorite running shoes.


Be sure to have a tank on underneath for when you’re it’s time to move from the warm-up to your more intense workout.


The Modern Classic

It’s nearly impossible to mess up the simple gym look of a dry-fit tee with some dark gym shorts. The brands don’t matter as long as they’re comfortable, and allow for increased freedom and agility. Nevertheless, spending a little extra on the dry-fit material goes a long away, especially when considering comfort amidst heat and sweat.


Hoya Pride

Georgetown students love to show love for their school even at the gym, so virtually any piece of Hoya apparel is appropriate and also convenient (I’m sure you have countless free Georgetown t-shirts somewhere at the bottom of your closet). Simply accessorize with a headband to keep your hair out of the way and your sweat far from your face.

Straight Out of Class

Sometimes it’s a bit of a hassle to bring extra clothes around when you want to go to the gym between classes. The loose-fit or dry-fit polo is an excellent solution to this problem. Paired with a clean pair of contrasting gym shorts, this look is a relaxed option that doesn’t require a full athletic gear quick-change.


MICHAEL CASTANO is currently a freshman in the College as a Computer Science major. He is also on the board of Club Filipino. His hobbies include playing basketball, watching movies, and defending anything Kanye West says or does.



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