By: Lily Martin

Photos by: Caroline Geithner

My mother is an old fashioned gal who has several rules that she follows to make life a little easier. For example, when you travel, your outfit should always be comfortable (but not sloppy), stylish (but not over the top), and consist of the biggest items you plan on packing (i.e. boots and jackets). Now you may be thinking, “Okay, those sound reasonable, but I think I’ll stick to my basic tee and Lulu leggings. Why put in so much effort just to sit in a cramped space with strangers?” Though the minimal-effort look may be a classic, I definitely can’t be the only one who gets major fomo when I see those put-together travelers who look like they just stepped out of Vogue instead of SkyMall. So amp up your style as you travel home this holiday season with these new twists on those go-to airport outfit rules.

The Over-Sized T:

This look gives off the “I just rolled out of bed, but yes, I do look perfect, don’t I?” vibe, especially when accessorized with tall boots and your favorite winter coat. The perfect combo of comfy and cute, this outfit lets you channel your inner Kardashian.


Textures on Textures on Basics:

If you fell hard for this season’s silk and velvet craze, put your closet’s new textured pieces to good use by pairing them under an oversized cardigan. Sticking to neutrals (or solid black) will keep you looking classic instead of like a trend junkie, plus there’s no better way to hide the inevitable spill marks from unexpected turbulence.

Baddie in Terminal B:

A leather jacket should never be crumpled up in a carry-on, so break it out and unleash your inner bad-girl. You were probably going to pack your knee-slit black skinnies anyways (they’re basically Stan Smiths of leg wear); so embrace your bedhead, and leave onlookers wondering which up-and-coming starlet just passed them by.



While travelling home for the holidays, stand out in the security line with a unicolour ensemble. Opting for this season’s signature blush shade will keep you on trend, and far from looking like your grandma in her favorite pantsuit. Plus, an oversized scarf will not only warm you up in the over air-conditioned cabin, but can double as a neck pillow (you’re welcome).


LILY MARTIN is a freshman in the College and currently studying English and Government. She procrastinates any actual schoolwork by restaurant hopping to find decent sweet tea, hitting up the Virginia hiking trails, and livin’ the srat life as a Kappa.

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