Fall in Love with Love Your Melon

By: Anna Boyd

Photos by: Isabel Lord

I love fashion as much as the next person (okay, maybe a little more), however it’s admittedly rare that I can purchase something for a cause beyond spicing up my own wardrobe. Fortunately, the hat brand Love Your Melon makes it easy to look cute while giving back. As Molly Malone (COL ‘17) says, LYM’s twofold mission to donate a hat to every child battling cancer, and to give 50% of profits to their partner organizations Pinky Swear and CureSearch, makes it “a really easy organization to get behind.”

Love Your Melon_Lord06.jpg

Since its founding in a St. Thomas entrepreneurship class in 2012, the impact of Love Your Melon has been felt around the country. The brand has donated $1.5 million to its partner organizations, which conduct pediatric cancer research and provide direct support to families with children battling cancer. In addition, over 85,000 hats have been donated to the children themselves by college “Campus Crews” like the one at Georgetown. Since its start in 2015, the Crew has taken on projects such as making cards for children who have to spend their birthdays in the hospital, and organizing visits to give hats to patients undergoing treatment. Molly, a lead member of Georgetown’s Campus Crew, describes her experience with Love Your Melon as one of the most meaningful in her four years at Georgetown. “I think it really embodies the mission of cura personalis,” she says. “You need to be a man or woman for others, because there’s a bigger picture outside of this campus.”


Molly herself became involved with LYM about a year ago, after reading the company’s story. “I automatically felt very connected with Love Your Melon,” she says. For her, this immediate click came from a personal place; one of her best friends battled cancer for three years in middle school. “Everyone knows someone who is affected by cancer, whether it be friends or family members, which is what made me want to get involved right away.”


In addition to supporting a fantastic cause, purchasing a LYM hat can also seriously up your outfit game. With styles ranging from beanies to caps in every color you could ever dream of, they truly have something for everyone.


So this winter, as your unprotected head endures DC’s icy winds, remember the 15,000 children who are diagnosed with cancer each year and choose Love Your Melon for all your headwear needs. Your ears, your wardrobe, and children around the country will thank you.

(L-R) Meet some of Georgetown’s Campus Crew: Taylor Gebhardt, Morgan Ryan, Molly Malone, Maria Salamin, and Maria Jose Arroyo


ANNA BOYD is a sophomore in the SFS, pursuing a Global Business major with minors in Spanish and Chinese. Her hobbies include editing for Thirty Seventh, taking long walks to Sephora, and convincing herself that she needs even more black clothing.

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