Written and Photographed by: Michael Castaño

When people consider the different museums around D.C., they normally think of the big names – the National Gallery of Art, Renwick Gallery, Hirshhorn, etc. One name that is rarely ever brought up, however, is The Fridge. The Fridge DC is multifunctional space, that claims to function as a myriad of locations, including “an art gallery, performance space, music venue and classroom”. Located in the Eastern Market neighborhood, it’s a relatively small space at that, which allows for the intimate art displays they’re known for.

Currently, the DC Street Sticker Expo 3.0 is on display at the Fridge. Here, over 10,000 stickers gathered over years of trading and open calls for submissions are presented to be viewed. Every sticker on display here, no matter how small, adds a unique voice and message that contributes to one immense and impactful exhibit.

To learn more about the exhibit, Thirty Seventh spoke with the curator of the expo, Will Nott.

Thirty Seventh: What’s your specific role with the exhibit?

Will Nott: I created the DC Street Sticker EXPO.  I finance it, gather the submissions, and install the show. I also choose the featured artists and hold other contests.

TS: How did it come about being either curated or chosen to display?

WN: I bothered Alex, the owner of the Fridge Gallery, long enough that he agreed to one 22 x 12 wall in the back of the gallery several years ago. Now it’s grown to covering the entire gallery with stickers and thousands of visitors coming to see it, the DC Street Sticker EXPO has been featured in the Washington Post, etc.

TS: Why do you think it’s important?

WN: Go see the show for yourself. I believe the experience of seeing 130,000 stickers is a once in a lifetime thing.

TS: What’s your favorite piece?

WN: Since the show itself is a huge collage of thousands of pieces of art, I would say my favorite piece is the exhibit whole as its own unique piece of art.

TS: What can we expect to see in the future from you?

WN: I can’t really disclose what I’m working on next. You’ll just have to wait and see

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A majority of the stickers displayed at the DC Street Sticker Expo 3.0 aim to deliver social or political commentary through their individual, respective artistic styles.

The Fridge was at the Tysons Corner Center at 516 8th Street SE, Rear alley, Washington, DC 20003. The DC Street Sticker Expo 3.0 was on display through January 2017.

MICHAEL CASTAÑO is currently a freshman in the College as a Computer Science major. He is also on the board of Club Filipino. His hobbies include playing basketball, watching movies, and defending anything Kanye West says or does.

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