By: Giulia Sohi-Isolani

Photos by: Sam Lee

From high fashion to the high streets, there is no denying the ubiquity of today’s sporty-grunge street style. Fortunately, this new wave of Yeezy-level cool can now be found in your local menswear section.

About a month ago, I was wandering the aisles of H&M, slightly disheartened by its standard, verging-on-boring selection of clothes when the men’s section caught my eye. Dodging the judgmental glances of my fellow shoppers, I ventured over to the other half of the store. I was immediately inspired by the edginess of the clothing. It was street style as I knew it: camo pants, ripped T-shirts, khaki jumpers, and oversized-chic.


I had finally found the key to what I had been searching for – clothing that fit the current streetwear movement and my personal, androgynous style to a T. Keep reading to discover the undeniable pros of menswear shopping.


Get Oversized:

Today is the age of the ‘anti-fit’, and we should take full advantage. So toss aside your constricting clothing and rejoice in the cozy greatness of oversized outfits. The first reason to make the switch is due to sheer comfort. Wearing an oversized jumper is the clothing equivalent of being hugged all day. Who doesn’t like hugs? The second reason is due to versatility. A simple large T-shirt or jumper can be worn with pants, tucked into a skirt, or on its own as a dress. This is style at its most convenient.


Spice Up Your Basics:

The men’s section has a compelling blend of simple staples and edgier finds, plus pieces that fall somewhere in between. In addition to basic Ts, I also discovered an array of cut-outs, graphics, and textures, making the menswear the perfect way to set yourself apart from the crowd. Plus you can finally let go of the fear of being caught in the same outfit as your friends – at least not your female friends.


Give Your Bank Account a Break:

Style aside, shopping in the menswear section makes plain financial sense. Overall, I have found my male pieces to be much less expensive than comparable women’s clothes. As someone who spends way too much time and money shopping, browsing the men’s aisle has given my bank account some much-needed relief. Who says high style has to come with a high price tag?


By stepping out of my fashion comfort zone, I unwittingly stepped into the comfortable greatness that is menswear. Since my discovery I haven’t looked back, and men’s clothes now comprise some of my most stylish staples.

GIULIA SOHI-ISOLANI is a sophomore and econ major in the college. Outside of the classroom she enjoys watching documentaries, vegging out, and getting white wine wasted drinking water.

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