By: Tori Nagudi

Tired of shopping at the same 7 stores on M? If you’re as petty as me, you can’t truly love your outfit unless you know that nobody else on campus will have it. No matter your personal style, every aesthetic has its sources. Escape the Georgetown bubble from the comfort of your bed and start an internet expedition with me, your tour guide.

American Two Shot

For city girls

American Two Shot Photo

Minimalist mod meets downtown cool. American Two Shot is for all the vintage fashionistas who find themselves daydreaming about gallivanting down the streets of London, Brooklyn, or Los Angeles in the era of Twiggy and Hepburn.

If you’re ever in New York, pop into this industrial-chic boutique to listen to some indie records and sip an artfully-blended latte. Though the color scheme is dominated by monochromatic elements, neutrals, and pops of pastel, every once in awhile unique hues crop up and lead to transfixion.

You can also take Soho home by browsing this urban wonderland’s website for retro staples. This is the type of boutique which causes emotional attachments to be formed with articles of clothing. Spend 10 minutes combing through the site and you’re bound to find a hidden treasure that appears to be designed just for you.

Mood: An evening at a Brooklyn nightclub, 1962. You ignored your boyfriend’s calls to go dancing with the girls from your apartment.

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For minimalists

Garmentorry Photo

Looking for a curated assortment of the world’s freshest essential pieces? Garmentory is for experimenters seeking the intersection of daring modernity and subdued versatility.

This boutique is an amalgamation of cutting-edge designs from across the globe, with one common denominator – contemporary minimalism. Paradoxically, all pieces are simultaneously classic and on the vanguard of modern style. Every design selected for the collection embodies a certain “je ne sais quoi”, where effortlessness meets sophistication.

If you endeavor to achieve a style which transcends time, this boutique is a valuable source. Almost every article of clothing on its site is wearable during daily life, yet most add a tinge of avant garde or retro revival. Staying true to its slogan of “look back, spring forward”, Garmentory serves as the point of tangency between past and future, creating the quintessential current look.

Mood: Entering a rooftop coffee shop in midtown Manhattan on a clear spring morning. There are a few things on your to-do list: edit a photo shoot, read Sartre, and review their vanilla cold brew (on the house), but you’ve got the whole day ahead of you and a seat is open next to the hanging garden.

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Lisa Says Gah

For memers and instagram addicts

Lisa Says Gahh

Lisa Says Gah is one part girly, two parts retro, three parts normcore, and 100 parts insta-worthy. Where blog-based fast fashion meets comfy basics, this San Francisco upstart dominates its niche. A tumblr fashion haven, this online store serves those looking for an American Apparel aesthetic without the sexist CEO. Though you’ll find an array of braless models in the ads of both retailers, one is objectified; the other, freed. Founder Lisa Williams (a former Nasty Gal buyer) centers her philosophy around women’s empowerment and an artisanal edginess that’s distinctively feminine.

The story behind this boutique is as wholesome as it is smile-inducing. According to Lisa, finding a piece that she absolutely has to have often causes an involuntary “gahhhhhhhh.” She created this boutique to embody her “gah” moments and put all her must-haves in one place, at prices appropriate for members of the unpaid-internship community.

The collection embodies the post-ironic anti-fashion that characterizes our age group’s chosen aesthetic. A modern wonderland where pastels and platforms meet mom jeans, this store is your ticket to living a tumblr photoshoot.

Mood: Drinking bubble tea and taking random snaps in the car with your oldest friends as some indie track plays on the radio.

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Lou & Grey

For comfort seekers

lou and gray

If athleisure is your movement and everyday wearability is what you seek, then Lou & Grey is your safe haven. Airy, feminine, and practical, this boutique aims to deliver effortless style where comfort is always the common denominator.  

A sea of pastels, creams, and soft-grays dominate the color landscape of the selections here. Soft to the body and soothing to the eye, most pieces can be settled into and worn throughout the day.

Those who dress for ease and simplicity will value the versatility of the collection. Most articles of clothing can be readily paired with other basics, as the floaty fabrics and neutral color palette are universally-flattering.

Mood: Lounging on a throw blanket during a rainy day surrounded by scented candles and soft music, catching up on readings at a leisurely pace.

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Babel Fair and Sincerely Tommy

For free spirits

I’m including two boutiques in this last group because I simply could not choose between them. Both embody the worldly transcendence that most seek to carry home from a trip.

Colorful, modern, and bohemian, Babel Fair delivers an exotic touch at everyday price points. If obscure imported fabrics are your thing, this domestic boutique is a place to find inspiration. With elements of rococo art, Byzantine-era designs, Greco-Roman patterns, and Native American blankets, this line achieves an international feel without crossing into the territory of cultural appropriation.

A more refined accompaniment is Sincerely Tommy. The color scheme narrows while the sophistication widens in this worldly, vacation-inspired line. Majestic billowing fabrics are striking when showcased on a beach backdrop. Ornate and avant-garde in a balanced way, this line allows a vacation to be worn.

Mood: Sipping pineapple juice on a Caribbean beach and gazing at the horizon, with the wind tossing your hair into a delightful frenzy.

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A world of boutiques awaits you, and putting a souvenir or two in your cart can’t hurt. Bookmark this article to remember your itinerary. Bon voyage!

TORI NAGUDI likes procrastination via watching makeup tutorials, reading Nietzsche, and drinking ungodly amounts of espresso. Her areas of expertise include spending money, curl maintenance, and Myers-Briggs personality typing. She has not been seen without lipstick since 2009.
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