Article & Photos by: Hayden Jeong & Annamarie White

If you and your friends are itching to do a fun and unique activity close to campus, definitely check out Via Umbria. Located just a block up from Thomas Sweet on Wisconsin Avenue, Via Umbria is a quaint, brick-and-mortar space modeled after an Italian marketplace. The shop is stocked with authentic products ranging from wines to panettones, all sourced directly from Italy. Plus there is a cafe area in the back where you can ask for pasta made fresh to order. The free wifi and ample seating also makes it a great space to bring your laptop to get some work done!

One warm Tuesday evening, we went to a cocktail class where our instructor Matt walked us through three pairings of drinks and pub snacks from start to finish. About 10 of us sat in bar seats surrounding a kitchen island, where we watched Matt demo the cocktails and prep the foods. We got to taste a bit of everything, and even got to help him with the hands-on work.

Image 2
The supplies. Matt cleverly paired each cocktail with a snack that complemented its flavor. We had sweet, tart, light, heavy, and downright delicious – there was something for everyone!
Image 3
The first cocktail, the “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” was by far Annamarie’s favorite. It had noticeable traces of lime, and the club soda added a fun kick.
Image 4
By unanimous vote, the “bar nuts” snack was the crowd favorite! Matt simply toasted a mixture of nuts in the oven and then coated them in butter and a variety of spices. We all left the event vowing to make them for our next party.
Image 5
Homemade fried pickles?! Matt made it look so easy! The mixture of sweet, sour, and salty was scrumptious.
Image 6
Here are the fried pickles, up-close and personal. They paired delectably with a gingery cocktail, “Professor and Mary Ann”.
Image 7
One of the most fun aspects of the class was learning some of the tricks of the trade when it comes to bartending. Hayden got to shake, shake, shake and Annamarie practiced some stirring skills that she definitely still needs to hone…
Image 8
Matt also had volunteers help with the food preparation! This is the lovely Naz (MSB’17) stuffing mushrooms with sausage and cheese.
Image 9
They might not have been photogenic, but they sure were tasty! Mushrooms stuffed with goodies and baked until they reached melty, delicious perfection. Not one to miss out on the fun, Annamarie asked if they had a vegetarian variation and they were completely accommodating!

Not 21 yet? No problem! Via Umbria also offers a variety of fun, alcohol-free events such as their Movie and a Meal nights which feature a buffet dinner.

For any inquiries regarding Via Umbria and its events, please feel free to reach out to their Marketing Associate Naz Yavuz (MSB’17) at!


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