By: Lily Martin

Photos by: Amy Huang

It’s the most mentally and physically demanding day of the year. You wake up and are immediately expected to perform at your most college-worthy level until the last Natty can is empty. Here are a few vital Do’s and Don’ts of Georgetown Day that’ll keep you on-your-feet and rallied from townhouses to rooftops.

Do have a game plan. Know where you’re going to start the day, whether it’s mimosas in a friend’s apartment or shotguns and grilling behind a townhouse; it’ll give your group a chance to figure out where you all hope to meet up. With different events going on all day, having a vague idea of the loop you’re making will keep everyone somewhat in-sync, even as you become slightly more ~inebriated~.

Don’t worry ‘bout a thing. Knock out everything on your ‘To Do’ list earlier in the week so you can roll through the day with a rare sense of careless abandon. If you’re one of the poor souls who has to take a break from the revelry to attend class, be sure to consider just how much you’ll need to participate and gauge your prior festivities accordingly.

Do don the Blue and Gray. It’s not often that Georgetown students have the opportunity to express their school spirit (unless you regularly attend basketball games, but even then…) so take advantage of the day and put together an Insta-worthy outfit. Not quite sure what to wear? Check out our go-to guide for those 2 p.m. parties. Or,  just look up pics from any state school’s tailgate and you’ll find all the inspo you need to put those scissors to work on a t-shirt. Hoya Sexy, right?


Don’t forget your three darty makeup saviors: primer, setting powder, and waterproof mascara. No one wants their ‘face’ to melt off halfway through the day, so be sure to check out Thirty Seventh’s makeup page for every tutorial and tip you could ever need to create and preserve your look.

Do hydrate and eat a little something. We all know the inevitable result if you don’t do this, and I promise that your friends will not be pleased. So every now and then take a break to drink something less potent, grab a slice of pizza, and maybe take a nap. I’m sure GERMS will thank you.

Don’t forget to live in the moment, but do take lots of pics. You should absolutely commemorate sitting on some rando’s Vil A rooftop, but maybe skip documenting the whole darty on your Snapchat story. Enjoy this day with your friends, take photos of whatever incoherent situation you encounter, but don’t feel pressured to turn a good time into a photoshoot.


LILY MARTIN is in the College currently studying English and Journalism. Her favorite forms of procrastination include restaurant hopping to find decent sweet tea, people watching on Lau 2, and binging old SNL videos.
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