Button-Down Basics

By: Lily Martin

Photos by: Sam Lee

The oversized “boyfriend shirt” has always been a chic staple of casual women’s clothing. From Hepburn, Monroe, and Kennedy to Kate Moss, the Hadid sisters, and the Kardashian clan, its simplistic versatility appeals to everyone, whether you want to spice up your outfit circuit or are just low on time and need a reliable look.

Big button-downs made more than a few appearances in Vogue’s street style lookbooks this past season, with photographers catching them all over the streets of Milan, Paris, and New York. Here’s how you can add this classic, cool-girl favorite to your wardrobe.

Bare Both

The off-the-shoulder trend has become more popular than ever this spring. You can easily accomplish this look by unbuttoning your shirt down to the middle, then shifting the neckline to hang around the shoulders just so. Tuck in the front to keep everything in place, and you’re good to go.

Quarter Tuck

Simple and laid-back. Add visual interest to the standard tuck by leaving the bottom two or three buttons open, and tucking the “buttoned” side of the shirt into your waistband. Leave an extra button or two undone on top as well to give a relaxed peek of the shoulder.


For those not yet comfortable with embracing the full-on, oversized trend, try this look out instead. Although sometimes this may end up looking more “Hoedown Throwdown” than you had hoped, a different kind of knot could be the solution. Instead of wrapping both sides of the shirt in the middle, bring one to the top of the other, then wrap it once for an asymmetrical tie.

Down ’n Out

Why mess with a good thing, right? Leave your shirt un-styled and free by donning it just the way it is. Sure it’s a bit more grunge that way, but trust me when I say that comfortable couldn’t look more cool.

LILY MARTIN is a freshman in the College currently studying English and Journalism. Her favorite forms of procrastination include restaurant hopping to find decent sweet tea, people watching on Lau 2, and binging old SNL videos.

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