By: Lauren Salamon

Photos by: Serena Pu

Nude lipstick is a staple in any makeup drawer; it’s easy to apply, goes with any look, and works with every complexion.  Shades of nude lipstick range from muted beiges to rosy pinks, but even with a variety of tones available, neutral lip color is just kind of, well… neutral.  While it won’t break your look, it also won’t make it – so you might as well try a color that’s a bit more exciting.  Keep reading for three bold lip colors that are brightening and flattering, yet not too eccentric to wear to class.  



People often avoid coral because they think it will look too orange on them.  While coral does have hints of orange, it can be a very flattering color when the right shade is chosen for the right complexion.  For this look, I used Smashbox’s Be Legendary Lipstick in First Time, a matte, neutral-toned coral, and paired it with a shimmery copper eye.  The coral and copper work together to create a warm-toned palette that emphasizes the radiance of the model’s complexion.  The color First Time is a neutral coral, but fairer-skinned folks should search for something a bit pinker.  


Maroon has the powerful quality of red, toned down by mature, elegant hints of brown. Here, I paired my favorite maroon shade, Viva Glam III by Mac Cosmetics, with an otherwise natural face to show how this color can quickly make you look more polished and “made up.”  Viva Glam III is a matte lipstick that can be flattering on any skin tone (I happen to be quite pale, but this color is also gorgeous on deeper complexions), and wears comfortably for several hours without drying out your pout.

Bright Pink


On cheeks, lips, and even eyes, pink adds a rosy, blushing sheen.  While pale pink lipstick is most common for daily wear, a bolder pink is a beautiful complement to an otherwise neutral face.  Here, I applied Smashbox’s Be Legendary Lipstick in the color Inspiration.  Though this shade is described as a “bright fuschia pink,” it doesn’t appear too harsh on the model’s features and adds an instant perk to her look.  


As you can see, bold lip color is easy to work with and nothing to be afraid of.  Maroon, coral, and bright pink, which may seem intimidating at first, are completely wearable colors and casual enough to wear to class.  

LAUREN SALAMON is a sophomore in the college, studying Sociology and Justice and Peace Studies. Outside of class you can find her exploring new terrain aimlessly, drinking excessive amounts of coffee, or conducting baking experiments that tend to go horribly wrong.  
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