By: Claire Nenninger

Photos by: Isabel Lord

Ever since I bought some fabulous over-the-knee boots from EGO, I have wanted to wear them all the time. Yet I’ve felt like the world is holding me back. They’re too fancy. They’re too last-year. They’re too much, period. Well no more. Here is my petition to make long boots a fashion statement for the long run.

With a little help from my friends, Christopher (MSB ‘18) and Gali (MSB ‘18), I want to show the world that these boots were made for rockin’.

The Cool Girl

Here I kept my outfit simple in a black men’s shirt and wore my bad*ss boots as a statement piece. Did I mention they lace-up the back?

Classy & Sassy

Here Gali shows us just how well her brown Aldo boots pair l with a fur vest or coat. Note how these flat OTK boots look just as flawless as heeled ones.

Flirty & Fabulous

Last, but definitely not least, we have the king of slay himself, Christopher. He styled his black boots with some staple red pants for a pop of color that’s anything but basic.

So whether they’re heeled or flat; black, brown, grey, or colorful; suede, leather, or denim, let’s recognize over-the-knee boots for the fashion statement they deserve to be.

Boot lovers out.


CLAIRE NENNINGER is a senior in the College, majoring in Linguistics and minoring in Film & Media Studies and Psychology. You can probably recognize her roaming around campus by her ridiculously long, curly hair and absurdly oversized hoop earrings.
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