By: Callie Kim

Photos by: Megan Rooney

For this year’s Homecoming, transform your boring Georgetown tee into a trendy top. All you need is a pair of scissors and any Georgetown t-shirt (check the clearance section of the bookstore). Here are four super simple designs you can follow to show-off your Hoya pride and style.

Tip: Use a t-shirt at least one size larger than what you usually wear. I wear a small or medium, but made all these designs with large or extra large shirts. You’ll need the extra fabric to tie knots in the back of the halter top and tube top, and we went for a flowy, care-free look with the cold-shoulder top and muscle tank.


Cold-shoulder Top


All you have to do to make this cute top is cut ovals in the shoulders. I did this by first placing the t-shirt flat on the ground (like you would if you were laying it out to dry). Then, I cut half-ovals about 5-7 inches long with a 2-inch radius, centered at the shoulder on each side. Remember, you can always make the cuts larger later, but once you snip there’s no going back! Make sure you cut through both the front and the back of the shirt. Folding the shirt along the crease and cutting through both layers of fabric will ensure your cold-shoulder top is symmetrical and neat.


Halter Top


This design is easier than it looks! Simply cut off the bottom half of the shirt, then cut diagonally from the sleeves to the neckline, chopping off the sleeves in the process. Finally, cut out the back of the shirt except for a 4-inch strip at the bottom and a 2-inch strip at the top. Cut both these strips down the middle and use them as your ties.


Muscle Tank


Ah, the muscle tank—definitely the easiest design. All you have to do to is fold your t-shirt in half down the middle, line up the sleeves, and then snip the sleeves off. I did this by snipping from the neckline to a couple inches below the sleeve. For some extra skin, cut a 2-inch slit in the top middle of the front of the shirt and gently tear the slit to create the V neck in the front. Alternatively, simply cut out a “V” to get the same effect. Wear a lace bralette or bandeau underneath to flaunt your exposed sides.


Tie-back Tube Top


Remember the cold-shoulder top from above? We actually cut off the bottom 8-12 inches of that exact style to make this tie-back tube top! Just take any over-sized t-shirt and cut off as much of the bottom as you’d like. After cutting straight down the back middle of the ring, you should now have one strip of fabric. Fold your strip hamburger style (NOT hot-dog style) so the two ends of the strip meet, and cut 2 slits through both layers of fabric from the ends of the strip to the side-seam of the shirt. This will create three “strips,” which will be the ties for your top. You can also cut the middle strip out altogether.

Stand out from the crowd and let your creativity shine this Homecoming with your personalized hoco shirt!

CALLIE KIM is an Econ major in the College. When she’s not making acai bowls at Hilltoss, you can find Callie watching Friends (or one of her many favorite reality TV shows), and playing Candy Crush.
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