By: Carolyn Kirshe

Photos by: Marie Hoopes

Though high fashion and household paint don’t seem like a match made in heaven, Pantone has solidified itself in recent years as one of the biggest influencers in fashion. The self-described “Global Authority on Color”, Pantone is celebrating the 50th anniversary of it’s “Color of the Year” program. The premise is simple: after analyzing the latest trends throughout the textile and beauty industries, Pantone publishes an annual report on what it determines to be the most influential and iconic color of that year. Though it is obviously influenced by the fashion industry, it also has a great deal of influence on the fashion and beauty industries. Many brands consider and make decisions based off Pantone’s trend reports; their collaborations with Sephora have lead to a best-selling makeup line and Sephora’s ingenious Color IQ technology.


One of the biggest examples of this phenomenon can be found in one of the hottest colors in fashion right now—Goldenrod. Originally entitled “Spicy Mustard”, this warm, golden orange/yellow color can be found everywhere this season. The actual color first appeared way back in Pantone’s Fall 2016 Fashion Guide, which only confirms the influence and predictive power of their reports.


This hue brings an aura of sunshine-y warmth and optimism to any look, and is flattering on every skin tone. It pairs well with warmer colors like a maroon or burnt sienna, or can be contrasted with a rich espresso or deep navy blue. The stronger the orange undertone, the easier it is to wear; colors too bright or cool-toned can wash out paler complexions or even look sickly. The color should evoke the warmth and familiarity of fall leaves in sunlight, and serves as the perfect way to incorporate a pop of color into your outfit as the days get shorter.


CAROLYN KIRSHE is a sophomore in the MSB double majoring in indecision and procrastination. She is thankful for the best things in life: her friends, her doggo memes, and her Google Calendar.
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