By: Lily Martin

Photos by: Kate Clark

We’ve all been there before: you hit it off with someone and want to take things to the next step without being too forward. But what should this next step entail? Coffee. The answer is coffee. There’s no formality of a dinner date, and it could even serve a double purpose as a casual study break. It’s really hard to go wrong when asking someone to go get coffee. Here are some worthwhile coffee spots to give you that extra edge of thoughtfulness when you finally decide to send that text saying, “Hey, would you like to get coffee sometime?”


Located at 3299 M Street, Peet’s Coffee is your closest off-campus date destination. Its impeccably mustachioed barista caters to both coffee and tea lovers, with options varying from the latest nitro blend to a classic chai. Downstairs is the ordering area with a few stool seats by the front window for people watchers or singles doing work. Upstairs is a spacious room with various seating areas so you can make yourselves comfortable in armchairs, the community table, or a classic seating for two. It has a casual American-Hipster aesthetic that will make even the most awkward daters feel comfortable with its Dave Matthews Band albums playing quietly in the background.

What to order: A Cold Brew Fog Latte or whatever the Dark Roast of the day is.


Blue Bottle

If you’re looking for a trendier chain establishment, head past Dean and DeLuca to 1046 Potomac Street and the neighborhood newcomer that is Blue Bottle Coffee. A California-based brand, this shop offers a minimalistic approach to coffee, making it the perfect destination for anyone that gets overwhelmed by the numerous choices offered at other cafes. Go on a nice day and take advantage of their lovely outdoor seating on the C&O canal, but don’t fret if you can’t because their indoor booths offer the perfect level of privacy for two. Be forewarned though: they take their slow drip seriously so be prepared to wait for what you want.

What to order: For a sweet tooth, the New Orleans. For the tea fiend, the Samovar Green Tea.

Bonus: Their $9 avocado toast is well-worth a Millennial going broke.  

Simit and Smith

If you’re willing to take a little longer stroll (just more time to get to know that special someone, right?) then head to 1077 Wisconsin Avenue for the Turkish delight that is Simit and Smith. Order your drinks for there and then take your intricately painted cups upstairs to a quaint seating area. This place is definitely on the smaller side, but if you grab the seats near the window it will feel more picturesque than cramped. The atmosphere here offers a break from the norm and might just impress your date with its uniqueness.

What to order: Unsurprisingly, you can’t go wrong with a strong, but simple, Turkish tea or coffee.

So if you want to impress your potential S.O., skip the “uh, I dunno, you pick” and treat them to a drink at one of these cute cafes instead.

LILY MARTIN is a sophomore in the College currently studying English and Journalism. Her favorite forms of procrastination include restaurant hopping to find decent sweet tea, people watching on Lau 2, and binging old SNL videos.
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