By: Callie Kim

Photos by: Chloe McGill

Last Christmas, my mom gave me three bracelets, called MantraBands, with “Forever Family,” “Dream Believe Achieve,” and “Enjoy The Journey” engraved onto them. How incredibly cheesy, I thought.

Now, I wear the bracelets almost every day.

bracelet 3.jpg

The power of positivity should not be underestimated. The first time I wore the bracelets was because they complimented my outfit, not because I wanted to look down at my wrist and read inspirational quotes. But I quickly realized that every time I put the bracelets on in the morning or glance down at them during the day, I feel happier, optimistic, and secure.

When I feel alone, my “Forever Family” MantraBand reminds me of my family back home and their unconditional love and support. At the beginning of the semester, as I filled out numerous club applications, my “Dream Believe Achieve” bracelet reminded me to go for what I wanted and not sell myself short. Finally, as with many Georgetown students, I often get so caught up in school, clubs, work, friends, and other obligations that I forget to be present. My “Enjoy The Journey” bangle reminds me to focus not only on an end goal, but the steps I must take to get there.

bracelet 4.jpg

The word “mantra” comes from Sanskrit and represents a word or phrase used during meditation. There are about 200 different uplifting messages you can get on a MantraBand, which come in silver, rose gold, or gold. For my next MantraBand, I’m thinking about getting either “Live What You Love” or “Be Present”. My MantraBands remind me everyday to reflect on where I am, both physically and mentally, and I look forward to expanding my collection and sharing my trendy source of inspiration.

Note: I am not affiliated with MantraBands—I’m just a college student trying to spread some positivity.

bracelt 5

CALLIE KIM is an Econ major in the College. When she’s not making acai bowls at Hilltoss, you can find Callie watching Friends (or one of her many favorite reality TV shows), and playing Candy Crush.
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