By: Claire Nenninger

Photos by: John Curran

It’s easy to overlook that Georgetown, which is not normally thought of as an “artsy” university, truly does have a thriving arts community. However, many students are trying to make this fact unforgettable. Art Beyond the Margins is just one of the groups on campus trying to actively give artists a space on the Hilltop.

Art Beyond the Margins is the brainchild of Derrick Little (COL ‘18), who put on his first ArtShare last May. With the help of his fellow lead organizer, Julia Hyacinthe (NHS ‘19), and a carefully-chosen team, the first event was a huge success (even despite getting shut down for noise and having to relocate).

Since then, Derrick and Julia have gained another lead organizer, Sonia Adjroud (SFS ‘20), and have put on two more successful ArtShares. The most recent one happened October 26th, and with its proximity to Halloween in mind, the team decided on the theme The Art of Resilience: Growing from Fears & Adversity.

The event, held in Copley formal, boasted lots of performances from singing, to spoken word, to slam poetry, to films, all with the goal of giving Georgetown’s artists a space to express themselves and be heard. Find some photos from the event below!

Interested in checking out Art Beyond the Margins for yourself? In the spirit of finals, their next event is entitled The Art of Self-Care: Rest and Reflection. This will take place on 12/10 in the HFSC Social Room from 7PM-12AM, so come out to enjoy some great art and community!


CLAIRE NENNINGER is a senior in the College, majoring in Linguistics and minoring in Film & Media Studies and Psychology. You can probably recognize her roaming around campus by her ridiculously long, curly hair and absurdly oversized hoop earrings.
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