By: Patricja Okuniewska

Photos by: Julia Hyacinthe

Looks like Georgetown officially has some competition. There’s a new waterfront locale in town: The Wharf. The project, located in Southwest DC, is a haven for entertainment, food, and shopping. At 24 acres, it hosts an impressive collection of activities for both day and nighttime. I decided to check it out for myself to get an idea of what the area has to offer, especially for Georgetown students.


First of all, The Wharf boasts D.C.’s newest concert destination, The Anthem, which can hold up to 6,000 people. Run by the same team as the 9:30 Club, it has already hosted a number of well-known artists such as David Grohl and the Foo Fighters. The venue features luxury seats and seven bars— the creators clearly went all out. And what better way to end a concert experience than taking a nice stroll by the water?


We all know that food is the most important part of any off-campus excursion. At The Wharf, there’s a lot of emphasis placed on authenticity. Most of the restaurants lining the pier aren’t chains or doubles of others out there (although there is a Shake Shack); they are conceptually original food spots created by the city’s most renowned chefs. There’s an Irish restaurant/pub set up by a former Guinness employee, a rum distillery, and a slew of Italian, French, and Spanish food joints. Additionally, a Dolcezza has opened up, which serves as a nice dessert and coffee shop. Though it may not be food, I was most excited by the new branch of Politics & Prose. While smaller than the original space on Connecticut Avenue, it holds a great selection of books and gifts. It’s a relaxing place to wander into to escape the bustling activity of the pier.


The water is arguably the best part of the entire endeavor. The neatly arranged boats and yachts tethered in the Washington Channel make The Wharf a picturesque site worth visiting. The restaurants and shops are located within feet from the waterside, so visitors simply cannot miss taking in the picturesque location. In terms of accessibility (especially from Georgetown), The Wharf is a bit of a trek. The easiest route is taking the metro to L’Enfant Plaza and then walking for about 15 minutes. Though out of the way, The Wharf will definitely become a must-see for students venturing outside of campus for a concert or a nice place to eat. Just be ready to commit time and money to the experience.


PATRICJA OKUNIEWSKA is a senior in the College studying English and Journalism. In her spare time, she likes to read & write, explore D.C., cook, and eat breakfast food at any and all times of the day.
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