By: Lily Martin

Photos by: Serena Pu

As the holidays roll around each year, festive makeup tutorials begin to make their annual appearance too. While some are beautiful, others seem outlandish and nearly unwearable (cough cough candy cane eyeliner). Why complicate your holiday makeup when you could look twice as good with half the effort? Keep reading for holiday makeup that is as easy as it is eye-catching.

White C(at eye)hristmas

Holiday Makeup_Pu02.JPG

This new, holiday twist on a classic look is sure to help you stand out from the Christmas party crowd. White wings are not only a head turner, but also incredibly simple to apply and pull-off. Simply make up your face as usual, swipe on the liner, add mascara, and embrace your inner snow queen.

Pro tip: For pigmented liner that looks more like fresh snow than week-old slush, be sure to prime your lids before application.

‘Cause I Sleigh

Holiday Makeup_Pu03.JPG

Leave your mark under the mistletoe with a good, old-fashioned, red lip. Keeping the rest of your face simple and glowy (with the help of your favorite highlighter, of course) will have everyone wondering if you really spent the last month cramming for finals in Lau.

Merry & Bright

Holiday Makeup_Pu01.JPG

Ornaments and colored lights make the holidays awash with bright colors. Why shouldn’t your seasonal makeup do the same for your face? Try applying a colored eyeshadow directly beneath your lower lash line for an unexpected pop. A purple hue like this is a safe bet, but you can always bring the look to the next level with more shimmery or vivid shades.

LILY MARTIN is a sophomore in the College currently studying English and Journalism. Her favorite forms of procrastination include restaurant hopping to find decent sweet tea, people watching on Lau 2, and binging old SNL videos.
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