By: Chloe Li

Photos by: Megan Rooney

A good sweater can take you a long way; from fall to spring, this wardrobe staple remains indispensable due to its versatility and warmth. I am personally infatuated with striped sweaters, and am always on the hunt for a unique take on this classic look. I picked up the sweater below from a small boutique after noticing its oversized and contrasting sleeves. Here’s how you can dress up or down a sweater for three completely different looks that will take you from your internship to a girls’ night out.

Fun & Fresh

Create a playful outfit by accentuating the fun details of your sweater! Here, I decided to highlight the contrasting sleeves by allowing them to peek through the dark gray duster coat, lending a trendy, yet classic silhouette. I chose a pair of straight-legged, two-toned, distressed jeans with an asymmetrical hem to give a modern element that contrasts the simplicity of the duster coat. For footwear, the red detailing of my sneakers adds a pop of color, not to mention the ultra-playful heart socks.

Classy Monochrome

A monochrome outfit is an easy and reliable way to appear put-together. Here, I dressed up my striped sweater by pairing it with a classic, medium gray duffle coat. A duffle coat is timeless and incredibly versatile, especially if you choose one in a classic silhouette and style. On the bottom, I simply wore black, fitted jeans and a pair of statement backless loafers with velvet bows. Backless loafers are one of my favorite trends right now, and a great way to transition outfits from spring to summer (or if you don’t mind the cold, even winter!).


Casual Streetwear

Give your sweater a more edgy and modern look by pairing it with streetwear elements. While bomber jackets are often worn with t-shirts or sweatshirts, a sweater also pairs nicely. I picked a classic green bomber jacket with interesting back detail from the menswear section to give my outfit a casual feel. Then, since the focus is on the upper half, I wore black skinny jeans and simple white sneakers to complement the outfit. Lastly, I decided on a pair of orange shades for a pop of color that complements the orange on my bomber jacket. While colored shades do not offer much sun protection, they sure are fun to wear!


So whether you’re off to work, a hot date, or a night out with friends, don’t sleep on the versatility of a classic striped sweater.

Chloe Li is a freshman in the SFS, majoring in International Political Economy. She can usually be found eating mint chocolate chip ice cream, browsing, and collecting all things striped.

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