Hi, my name is Katherine and I’m interested in what beauty means to different people.  My own beauty journey developed over the past couple years as I discovered my love of Korean skincare and dermatology.  I really resonated with the Korean approach to skincare due to its transparency about the ingredients in its products, greater stress on sun protection, and generally cheaper price tag.  Some of my favorite products include Missha’s organic flower toner, Blithe’s iceplant pressed serum and Anessa’s Pa+++ sunscreen. I believe that the way we approach beauty says a lot about who we are as individuals as well as how we recognize beauty in others.  As such, I wanted to ask other members of the Georgetown community about their own daily routines to understand their unique perspectives on beauty.

Mary Marchese: Neurobiology Major, Spanish minor, leader of Globemed, associate for the office of diversity and inclusion, public health nerd, lover of Latin dance, Dunkin Donuts addict, Tom Brady’s number 1 fan.

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Katherine Kelly: How would you describe your signature beauty style?

Mary Marchese: I definitely focus mostly on my eyes. I’m almost always wearing mascara, eyeshadow, and eyeliner.  I gravitate towards rosy tones and sometimes glitter to jazz it up.

KK: How did you first get introduced to makeup/beauty products?

MM: I had a good friend in middle school whose mom worked with makeup distributors, so my friends and I would try out different products.  Once I got to high school I started to experiment with my own personal style.

KK: Do you have a favorite product?

MM: Probably the Naked 3 eyeshadow palette.  I’ve had that for over two years and I use it everyday.  It was the best $54 that I have ever spent. But that being said, I need my liquid eyeliner.  If I’m on vacation I need two because if I lose it, it will be the end of me.

KK: What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?

MM: I’ve been told that less is more, but I don’t really follow that.  I think you should do what makes you happy. Use makeup to enhance what you already love about yourself and not to cover the things that you don’t like about yourself.  People used to tell me that I had nice eyes and lashes, so I started using those types of products first.

KK: Is there anyone that you look up to when it comes to beauty?  

MM: Honestly no, I don’t really have a beauty inspiration.  I started wearing makeup in high school and I started playing around with it to find what worked best for me.  I don’t really consider myself an artistic person per se, but I think that experimenting with makeup is a fun way to express my creativity.  
Kristin Krumenacker: Senior biology major, GERMS EMT, yeast researcher, crochet enthusiast, taco connoisseur.

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KK: How would describe your signature beauty style?

Kristin Krumenacker: My signature style I would say is comfortably casual… As the science student/former student athlete, I’m not used to spending a super long time putting together a “look” every dayalthough I do like to occasionally step it up. Comfortably casual would definitely be how I’d describe myself… but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to look nice once in a while, too. I just tend toward a lighter makeup routine and keep it all simple.

KK: How did you first get introduced to makeup/beauty?

KrKr: My mom has a pretty extensive makeup collection, and she bought me a bunch of items for birthdays/Christmas and such, but I was never really that into using them while I lived at home. I’d say that the experience of going to college and being semi-independent is really what got me into makeupI had my friends teach me how to do things (like apply eyeliner properly) and I had fun going out to shop for, try on, and purchase my own makeup items.

KK: Do you have a favorite product? 

KrKr: I really like my black Sephora felt-tip waterproof eyeliner. Eyeliner is probably the one thing that I consistently use on an almost-daily basis. I have tried pencils and other liquid linersthe pencils smudge and the other liquid liners are harder to apply. The felt tip one is definitely my favorite (and I’m sad that mine is about to run out… gotta buy more) because it’s easy to use and doesn’t smudgevery fast and efficient.

KK: What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?

KrKr: Honestly……. I’m not 100% sure. Um. Probably just the encouragement for me to try new things and new colors. I never knew that I would love the occasional purple lipstick or weird eyeshadow unless I tried. Other than that, the cliched “be yourself” comes to mind. Use as much or as little makeup as your heart desires.

KK: Is there anyone that you look up to when it comes to beauty?

KrKr: …if I could name my friends, that would be who I look up to. I don’t really like to follow celebrity or big-name trends on anything… but I look up to the people who showed me how to use all these mysterious beauty contraptions and teach me something new.


Katherine Kelly is a senior in the College studying Neurobiology and minoring in History.  In her free time she enjoys trying to teach herself Krav Maga, explaining the importance of sunscreen to her roommates, and stalking John Mulaney on Instagram.  
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