By: Nina Barrett

There are countless benefits to keeping plants in your room: they can improve air quality, reduce stress, and even increase concentration and productivity. More importantly, they can give your space a much-needed style update that can transform your dorm and make it a space you actually enjoy living in. Some may think that they dont have the time or resources to care for a plant, or that their lack of gardening knowledge, fresh air, or natural light would kill a plant instantly. However, these five plants require little to no care, are cheap to buy and grow, and are perfect for a March update to your room.

Aloe Vera


There may be no other plant with as many uses as aloe vera. It can be used to treat cuts and burns, moisturize dry skin, and even as a conditioner to heal dry hair. Legend has it that if you drink the juice of the plant, it’s a great hangover preventer. Best of all, aloe vera requires almost no attention; keep it in the window and water it only when the soil is dry. Soon enough you’ll have a thriving aloe plant that you can use for just about anything!

ZZ Plant


ZZ Plants are a lot like me on a Sunday morning: they do better when theyre left alone. A ZZ Plant is perfect for forgetful college students, as you only need to water it once every couple of weeks for it to flourish. It fights through low light as well as dry air, so the trickle of natural lighting in your Darnall cave will be absolutely perfect. ZZ plants have also been known to improve sleep quality, so you can really get the most out of your power naps!

African Violet


If youre one for flowers, here is a plant for you! African violets are some of the easiest flowers to grow, even for beginners. They thrive in both low-light environments and fluorescent lighting. Theyre known to clear the air of pollutants, and of course add a necessary splash of color to any drab dorm room. I dont know about you, but I dont think that white cinderblock is the cutest, so African Violets are a cheap, easy way to add some much-needed spice to your dorm!

Lucky Bamboo


If you need a little extra help on your midterms or finals, plant lucky bamboo and keep it in a pot on your desk! Like the name implies, its rumored to spread good luck and prosperity where its planted. It prefers to be kept out of direct sunlight and watered every few days to keep it healthy. In return, it will keep you happy by filtering out harmful chemicals from the air (and hopefully help you beat that MSB curve).

Cacti and Succulents


If youve been keeping up with trends (or ever Pinterest searched dorm decor), chances are youve seen cacti and succulents all over the place. Theres a reason theyre so popular: in addition to being diverse and trendy, theyre also incredibly easy to care for. Keep them on the windowsill and water them only when their soil gets dry. Bonus: keep them in cute pots or other containers and youll have decor that rivals even the most #basic of Pinterest pages.

NINA BARRETT is a sophomore in the College, studying Government and English. You can find her spending way too much time in the Yates pool or complaining about the lack of açai bowls on campus. In her free time, she enjoys watching Parks and Rec, searching for the perfect iced vanilla latte, and reading surprisingly accurate astrology memes.




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