By: Chloe Li

The Pantone Color Institute, well known for their annual “Color of the Year”, announced in January its chosen shade for 2018: Ultra Violet. Ultra Violet, described by Pantone as “dramatically provocative and imaginative”, conveys a sense of originality and excitement for what the future has to hold. It’s the perfect shade for a year unlike any other and represents the ultimate deviation from conventionality. Ultra Violet has a history of representing individuals who are not afraid to challenge the norms, such as David Bowie and Prince. Here’s a little inspiration to get you started:

Ultra Violet is undeniably a statement color, but do not be intimidated–it’s the perfect addition to freshen up your wardrobe for 2018. Compared to 2017’s “Greenery”, Ultra Violet is much calmer and more versatile, yet still contains an element of eccentricity. Keep reading for our guide to rocking this mysterious shade.

For the seriously committed:

Perhaps you have already heard about and love Ultra Violet, or maybe you just nodded along to all the adjectives above and think they perfectly describe your personality. For those who have just opened a new tab to your favorite online shopping website and typed in “Ultra Violet”, this section is for you. You are ready–and excited–to make a statement with Ultra Violet. This eye-grabbing shade looks amazing paired with denim, a neutral shade, or more purple!


For the ultra-curious:

Perhaps the idea of purple-on-purple is a little too Willy Wonka for your taste, or you just prefer a splash of Ultra Violet instead of being covered in it. Personally–as someone whose wardrobe primarily consists of black, white, and gray–purple can be quite intimidating. This section is for those who love the color, but do not wish to to make a loud statement. Ultra Violet still looks fun as an accessory rather than a central piece. Give this addictive hue a chance… with Ultra Violet shoes or a beret!


For the “Shrinking Violet”:

You are on the fence about this color: maybe purple is just not your thing or you think it completely washes you out. Not to fear! There are many ways to incorporate Ultra Violet in your life without actually wearing it on you. Even if Ultra Violet clashes terribly with the rest of your wardrobe, it is undeniably a pleasing color to look at (if you don’t agree, please refer back to the photo of David Bowie above).

So whether you are ready to embrace Pantone’s Color of the Year or are still on the fence, Ultra Violet’s boldness will definitely spice up your life. And even if you’re a shrinking violet, get used to this statement-making purple hue, because it will be everywhere this year!

Chloe Li is a freshman in the SFS, majoring in International Political Economy. She can usually be found eating mint chocolate chip ice cream, browsing, and collecting all things striped.


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