Suit Styles: Dressing Down

By: Eric Ren

Photos by: Regina Xu
Last summer, Spider-Man came home to Marvel on the silver screen. Highly successful at the box office, the film won over critics and the public alike with its light tone and focus on Peter Parker’s high school life. Though this new spin on the classic character certainly stole the show, the film’s fashion is not to be overlooked; in addition to upgrades to the Spider-Suit and Iron Man armor, Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark captured audience attention with his sexy, billionaire style. The key to this style? A blend of formal and casual, sophisticated and laid-back, suits jackets and T-shirts.


Photo Credit: Marvel Studios

The black bomber jacket under the suit gives Tony Stark a serious but playful appearance, perfect for the self-described “Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist.”  Too often, guys find themselves reaching for the same outfit whenever they’re told to “dress up” for a dinner at Clyde’s, a night out at Sax, or a club formal. It’s time to change it up.

2group (1).jpg

This article is here to show you effortless ways to dress down your suit so you don’t look like you’ve just come from a wedding, job interview, or funeral.  While every man should know how to dress sharp, it’s time to hang up that tired shirt and tie. Here are six looks that are perfect for the next time you’re asked to throw on a suit.



Lose the Tie:

This is probably the easiest way to dress down a suit, and should be well within every guy’s skillset (no matter how fashion incompetent).  Take this look up a notch by rolling your sleeves, wearing sneakers, or…

…by throwing on a colorful, patterned shirt.  Here, a vibrant pop of color stands out against Tanner’s navy blue blue suit, and the look is finished with a pair of casual brown boots.


Forget the Button-Down:


For an even more casual vibe, losing the button-down entirely may be the way to go.  Aiden showcases his necklace outside of his maroon turtleneck, while the grey suit and glasses keeps the look sophisticated.

The key to this style is making sure all of the pieces fit properly.  Without the button down to fill in space, the tailoring of the suit needs to be on point.  Nick shows how you can bring your own personal touch to the look, matching a maize colored T-shirt to a navy suit.


Add a Layer:


Dressing down a suit doesn’t always meet stripping down a layer.  In the colder months, adding a puffer vest will switch up your look while keeping you warm.  Tanner keeps it tasteful by combining a navy suit with a tan patagonia vest.


On the other hand, a track jacket is slim enough to wear under a suit, while providing a completely different look.  The texture and material of the track jacket capture and play with light in a unique way that brings another layer of complexity to the look.  Aiden tops off his outfits with a pair of casual sneakers that complements the color palette.


Take It to the Streets:

Incorporating traditionally casual clothing is another way to spice up your stuffy suit look. We recommend a blend of streetwear and formal pieces to create a truly unique ensemble.  For example, flannel shirts first gained popularity during the rise of grunge in the ‘90s. Nick pops the collar to set himself apart from the rest, completing the look with a pair of dark brown boots.


Prints and graphics have always been a staple of street fashion, showcasing designs inspired by famous art pieces, quotes, and everything in between.  Tanner adds New Order’s album cover for Power, Corruption & Lies to the round out his look.

Brought into the spotlight by rappers in the ‘90s, hoodies have transitioned from the home to an everyday piece in street fashion.  Pastel colors have come to the forefront of this specific style, and Nick uses the rose color to create contrast between the black suit and the hoodie.

A proper suit should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. However, that doesn’t mean you should wear it the same way every time.  As structured as your suit might be, remember that fashion is all about having fun!


ERIC REN is a sophomore in the MSB, majoring in Finance and OPIM.  From Detroit, his hobbies include editing photos for his instagram (@eric_reign), break dancing late into the night, shopping for clothes he can’t afford, and turning up with the Georgetown Midwest Club.


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