By: Sonia Panjabi

After getting screwed-over by pre-registration and stuck in several 9am classes, I’ve learned the hard way that waking up an hour before class to shower, straighten my hair, do my makeup, and pick out a decent outfit is just not worth it, or even possible anymore. We’ve all been there: snoozing all of the 15 alarms we strategically set 10 minutes apart, and ending up jumping out of bed in panic, realizing we have to choose between bumming it or looking somewhat presentable and being late to class…again.

Ideally we would sleep early, wake up early, and have a relaxed, rush-free morning; but life, as always, gets in the way, and sometimes those late-night conversations with friends are just too valuable to miss. Luckily, there are ways to get ready faster for all of us night owls who just can’t in the mornings.  

Shower Hacks:

The easiest way to cut down time getting ready in the morning is probably opting to shower at night, which I usually do on the days I need to wash my hair or just want to relax at the end of the day. Yet despite the slight inconvenience, I absolutely love showering in the morning; it wakes me up, and makes me feel more productive throughout the day. If you’re like me and have to shower in the morning, throw your hair up into a bun and take a break from washing it (it’s not good to wash your hair everyday anyways). Plus you can take your face wash and toothbrush into the shower so you don’t have to take another trip to the sink. Make a playlist that’s as long as you want to spend in the shower so you’ll never overdo it. The tendency of the dorm showers to clog is another strong motivation to get out fast!

Makeup Hacks:

I applaud those who go makeup free on the daily, but for those of us who haven’t been able to get to that point yet, or just want to look a little more awake in the morning, skip liquid foundation and go straight for the concealer. After applying concealer under the eyes, set your face with powder foundation, like this one from bare minerals, and use a kabuki brush for more coverage.


To add dimension and a color back to the face, take any bronzer on a fluffy brush and apply it in a circular motion from the temples of your forehead, to the cheeks and chin in a 3 shape.


For the eyes, go straight for mascara and curl your lashes to look extra awake.

Outfit Hacks:

When it comes to morning classes, joggers are a key ingredient to saving time while also staying comfortable throughout the day.

I personally enjoy wearing colorful or patterned joggers to serve as statement pieces, and pairing them with plain tees or sweaters. The website has a wide variety of decent quality, affordable joggers.

I personally enjoy wearing colorful or patterned joggers to serve as statement pieces, and pairing them with plain tees or sweaters. This website has a wide variety of decent quality, affordable joggers.


Gabby’s (Col ‘21) go to outfit when she’s in a rush in the morning is a pair of classic, solid joggers, a tee layered with a jean jacket, and white sneakers.


Grace (SFS ’21) takes another route and always goes for dresses when she’s in a rush. She finds it easier to pick out a single piece of clothing instead of worrying about matching her outfit. To keep it comfortable and casual, she usually pairs her dresses with a pair of sneakers.


The next time you’re in a rush, remember these tips and show up to class fashionable, not late.

SONIA PANJABI is a freshman in the College, studying Sociology and History. Whenever she musters the will to get out of bed, catch Sonia getting boba tea, “studying” on Lau 2, or crying about how much she misses sunny Florida.


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