Neighborhood Guide: Logan Circle

By: Jill Reilly

Photos By: Regina Xu

If you’ve ever made the move to get off campus, odds are you have been to Dupont Circle. But have you made it across P Street to Logan Circle? If not, you are missing out on some of D.C.’s tastiest eats, coziest study spots, and cutest shops. While the area remains largely residential, it is nonetheless bustling with people dining and sipping at the neighborhood’s critically-acclaimed restaurants (i.e. Le Diplomate and Birch and Barley) and funky coffee shops. Beyond the myriad food and drink options, there is no shortage of shopping. Thrifted threads, succulent plants, handmade jewelry, and even old postcards are among some of the products you will find while perusing the shops on 14th Street. Whether you are looking for a three-course meal with the parents, a warm cappuccino, or a simple gift for a friend, let Thirty Seventh be your guide for your next trip to Logan Circle.

Where to eat:



Rustic pizzas and small Italian plates are the name of the game at Etto. Sitting at the corner of 14th and Q Streets, NW, their quaint wooden furniture and wood fire-burning oven invite you in to come and stay awhile. With something for everyone, Etto caters to margherita lovers and adventurous pizza-eaters alike. Don’t feel like pizza? Try a couple of their small antipasti plates like the tuna and white bean salad topped with fresh orange zest or the frisée, endive, and grapefruit salad just in time for spring. Great for lunch or dinner with friends, Etto also serves brunch, which includes favorites like the bacon and eggs pizza (who doesn’t want pizza for breakfast?) and toasted buttery brioche with handmade jam. Delicious!

Barcelona Wine Bar

Aptly named, Barcelona Wine Bar is one of D.C.’s premier spots for Spanish tapas and wine.
Spanish classics like patatas bravas and jamón and manchego croquettes meet modern twists like bacon wrapped dates and chorizo with sweet and sour figs on their rotating seasonal menu. With indoor and outdoor (heated) patio seating, the restaurant caters to large parties looking to catch up over fine wine, fresh bread, and shareable plates. Do note, however, that this place is packed on weekends, so we recommend going early, putting your name in, and walking around the neighborhood a bit. Luckily, there are no shortages of stores and bars to check out in the meantime!

Doi Moi

Situated on the corner of 14th and S Streets, NW, this chic take on Southeast Asian cuisine features artfully crafted plates meant to be shared. The clean, silver and white aesthetic perfectly compliments the simplicity of the menu. Featuring flavorful plates like the green papaya salad and brussels sprouts with puffed rice, Doi Moi is great for vegans and those who are gluten-free. (they even rearrange their offerings into vegan-friendly and gluten-free sections on the backside of the menu). And as an added bonus, if you go for lunch, you will have the chance to try Doi Moi’s sandwich pop-up, 2 Birds 1 Stone, which serves up zesty mains like the crispy chicken thigh sandwich and unconventional sides like curry fries with Thai ranch. Yum!

B Too

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that, if you are reading this, you have probably eaten at least one doughnut and one waffle in your lifetime, but have you tried the “doffle” (a cross between the two)? If not, head to B Too and treat yourself to this magical hybrid. While the “doffle” and its upgrades like the “doffle deluxe” (single doffle topped with chantilly, pearls, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate) and “doffle bomb” (double doffle deluxe) are the real stars of the menu, this Belgian restaurant also offers a plethora of sweet and savory waffle dishes as well entrees for brunch, lunch, and dinner. My advice: go hungry and wear stretchy pants to this meal.

Honorable mentions:

Le Diplomate – award-winning French brasserie

Colada Shop – vibrant spot serving piña coladas, coffee, and Cuban bites with a rooftop bar

Ted’s Bulletin – family restaurant known for their decadent brunch featuring “Ted’s Tarts” (think homemade Pop-Tarts) and “Cinnamon Rolls As Big As Ya Head”

Birch and Barley – rustic eatery with an extensive selection of artisanal beers

JRINK – juice and smoothie bar featuring colorful superfood lattes

Where to study:


Right off of Logan Circle, this hipster cafe is the neighborhood spot for avocado toast and coffee. With plenty of seating (at tables and at the bar) and natural light, Slipstream is the perfect venue to finally get started on that reading or problem set. On a nice day, the front windows are left open, allowing the spring breeze to flow pleasantly into the cafe as you work like the productive student you are. Sounds a little bit better than Lau, doesn’t it?

Peregrine Espresso

This place specializes in great coffee. Period. If you like to work in a real coffee shop (with fresh pastries, but no fancy avocado toasts or green smoothies), this place is for you. With a bit of seating, bright natural light, and strong international brews, Peregrine has all the workings of a great study spot.


Along with their beloved gelato and espresso, the Logan Circle location of this fan-favorite also offers free wifi. It may seem like an unconventional venue, but who doesn’t want to fuel their midterms studying with a scoop of stracciatella gelato or avocado, honey, orange sorbetti? Especially while the weather is still warm, I recommend indulging your summer cravings. I mean, if you go with the intention of studying, you deserve it, right?

Where to shop:


Buffalo Exchange

If you consider yourself a thrifting connoisseur, you are surely familiar with the consignment chain, Buffalo Exchange. With fresh sneakers, dainty heels, vintage jeans, retro sunglasses (and much more) for cheap, you are bound to walk away with a steal. Unlike most thrift stores, Buffalo Exchange is well-organized by size, allowing you to refine your search to items that might actually fit you. And as an added bonus, with every purchase, the clerk offers you a 5-cent token that you can use to donate to a charity of your choice at the front of the store. Thrifting with a purpose? Count me in.

Current Boutique

The other thrift store in Logan Circle, Current Boutique specializes in “modern consignment.” Their spacious storefront is home to a large inventory of authentic designer fits. Colorful dresses and patterned jumpsuits are among some of the items you might find at Current Boutique. If you are in the market for some new clothes on a budget, I would definitely recommend checking this place out.

Salt & Sundry (Little Leaf)

This place is every home decorator’s dream. The window display is adorned with a woven hanging chair, fresh plants, and magnificent textiles, which give you a sneak peak into just some of the beautiful items you will find inside. Along with precious drinking glasses, compact cocktail kits, ceramic scented candles, and fine jewelry, Salt and Sundry sells gourmet food items like artfully packaged Harper Macaw chocolate, Gordy’s jarred pickles, and Big Spoon almond-coconut butter. Where shabby chic meets exposed brick, this place is aesthetic goals. And if you love Salt & Sundry as much as I do, be sure to check out their sister store on T Street, NW, Little Leaf, which specializes in the most exquisite house plants and succulents you have ever seen. Think modern emerald city vibes.

Miss Pixie’s

This quirky spots has it all. And when I say it has it all, I mean it; vintage furniture, sterling silver tea sets, pop art, and old mirrors are among the mish mash of items sold at Miss Pixie’s. Possibly my favorite feature, however, is the old postcards and photographs for sale at only $2 and $1, respectively. Even if you aren’t in the market to buy, you could spend hours just looking through the graphic postcards, many of whose notes are still legible. That being said, I recommend allotting a chunk of time to do this unique store justice.


And with that, I send you off! Grab a bite, have a sip, or splurge on a new fall outfit (or all of the above) in Logan Circle. You might even find yourself needing to go back, but there are worse problems to have, right?

JILL REILLY is a sophomore in the College. When she isn’t being dragged to Lau 2 by her roommate, she is likely out to brunch, taking an embarrassing number of pictures of her food. She is obsessed with the color yellow, old mirrors, and drug store candy. She also may or may not suffer from a gum addiction.

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