Outdoor Voices

By: Sabrina Sawhney

Photos by: Helena Yang

Good news: Outdoor Voices opened its first storefront in the DC area this past week. Better news? It’s located at 3025 M Street, which is just a quick walk from campus. Outdoor Voices is a high quality athletic apparel brand that hopes to encourage fitness as a daily activity, without the pressure of performance.

Consisting of two levels, Georgetown’s Outdoor Voices location will not only sell the brand’s clothing, but also be home to the first Outdoor Voices Rec Room, in hopes of inspiring recreation throughout DC. In addition to lockers and a water fountain, the Rec Room also has rollerblades, soccer balls, and tennis rackets all available for borrow. It plans to host regular events in the store and throughout DC.


As a dancer, yogi, cycler, and somewhat sporadic Yates-goer, I appreciate how Outdoor Voices´ workout gear is not only comfortable, but also functional for a wide variety of exercises. I also love how their outfits can work by themselves or be paired with my favorite sweaters and scarves.


I recently had the opportunity to interview Ty Haney, Founder and CEO, to learn more about Outdoor Voices and what we can expect from the store as the newest member of the Georgetown community. Many thanks to Ty and Outdoor Voices for helping make this article possible!

Sabrina Sawhney: What inspired your vision and creation of Outdoor Voices?

Ty Haney: I grew up in Boulder, CO, where everyone is active and incorporates exercise into their daily routines. As a former athlete, I realized that activity took on a different meaning as an adult from when I was in high school and on competitive sports teams. I realized that I wanted to create a brand around exercise that frees fitness from performance and took away the pressure to cross the finish line first. At OV we’re increasing the frequency and consistency of activity in people’s lives.

SS: How has the company grown and changed since its inception?

TH: We are laser focused on building the #1 Recreation brand with a community that loves generating endorphins together, what we call #DoingThings. Over the last year, we’ve opened our headquarters in Austin (the most recreational city), grown to over 120 employees, and opened eight stores. D.C. will be our ninth! The future is bright, and we’re just getting started.

SS: What tips do you have for Georgetown students trying to live the active, balanced lifestyle promoted by Outdoor Voices?

TH: Doing Things is better than not Doing Things. It’s more about moving your body for your mind and doing so with ease, humor, and delight, rather than feeling the pressure to perform. We love trying all sorts of recreational activities that might not be on the big screen, but man are they fun. Just a few minutes of activity can change the chemistry and revitalize your mind. Also, our D.C. shop will be hosting regular programming that is open to people of all exercise levels so stay tuned for some endorphin-boosting events!

SS: Finally, what do you think makes Outdoor Voices different from other brands?

TH: At Outdoor Voices, everything we make is made to sweat in. I wanted to create an outfit using technical materials in simple, flattering silhouettes that can be worn across different recreational activities.


So whether you’re a student athlete, and athleisure fiend, or totally embrace the Outdoor Voices lifestyle, be sure to swing by M Street’s newest addition!


Sabrina Sawhney is an undecided pre-med freshman in the college. When she is not doing her biology homework, she dances with Georgetown’s Tapping Jacks, co-runs a food instagram, teaches S.T.E.A.M. through DC Schools, and consumes large quantities of almond-based products.

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