Where the Workouts Are

Article & Photos by: Sofia Tate

With all the constant fads in the workout industry, sometimes it’s hard to know which workout classes are actually worth your time and money. Everywhere you look there’s a new fusion of yogalates-core-strength-hot-power whatever. Luckily, Thirty Seventh is here to provide you with a go-to guide of our personal local favs so you don’t have to sweat finding your perfect Yates-alternative.


A haven for sporty moms and Lululemon fanatics, Soulcycle has quickly gained local popularity; it’s almost impossible to find a class that isn’t packed at the Georgetown location. Nonetheless, the experience is absolutely worth the personal space violationthe teachers are extremely upbeat and so is the music. You can almost trick yourself into thinking that you want to kick it up a notch as the teachers coach you through their superstar-face microphones. Now for the important part: price and distance. If you aren’t looking to buy a class pack, each individual class is $30. However, if you are a freshman, you have a handy-dandy free class pass waiting in your NSO packet from forever ago. The studio is about a 15 minute walk, so it’s pretty close and a really fun class.

Down Dog Yoga

IMG_7334 (1).jpg

Given that I go to Down Dog about three times a week, personal bias leads me to assert that this is definitely the best workout spot around. Though some may be intimidated by the 95-degree yoga room, the range of classes offered ensures that yogis of all levels can find something they like. For the easily bored, their Power Beats classes incorporate fast-paced yoga flows and core workouts to upbeat music. Those looking for more of a stretching class should look into the Slow Flow classes. To drop in for a class is $25 ($20 for students), but if it’s your first time you can use your two weeks unlimited pass for $20, which allows you to attend as many classes as you want for those two weeks. I would encourage everyone to check it out, especially since it’s only a 6 minute walk from campus.


If you’re looking for a workout that really gets you in shape, barre is definitely the way to go. It’s a mixture of a bunch of different workout styles, including yoga, pilates, and ballet. You’ll definitely be sore after your first class, but I would recommend it to anyone looking for an intense workout. The georgetown barre3 is located in a cool old warehouse, and there are plenty of different teachers so you can try out a bunch of teaching styles. The first three classes are $45 if you are new, and a single class is $28. Their Georgetown location is about a fifteen minute walk from campus, but you might be ordering an Uber back after your first class!

So there you go, three of our favorite workout locations in Georgetown. They are definitely worth the price if you are looking for a really good workout in cool, funky atmospheres with encouraging teachers. Of course there’s always Yates, but sometimes it’s nice to step things up a little bit and workout alongside an inattentive adult instead of that MSBro who’s always trying to one-up everyone else in the gym.

SOFIA TATE is a freshman in the College who spends large amounts of time watching food videos and memorizing Pitbull songs instead of doing her work. She loves turtlenecks, and enjoys watching excessively dramatic teen shows on ABC family.

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