It Has a Nice Ring to It

By: Taotao Li

Photos by: Sarah Mardjuki

We’ve all heard the saying “the little things matter.” While you may have heard it before in a different context, it certainly applies to accessorizing with rings. Whether you’re looking for new staples to your jewelry arsenal or simply for a way to enhance your everyday style, rings are a subtle addition that instantly elevate any look. With the option of bolder baubles bands set with gemstones or delicate and dainty rings, this jewelry genre is perfectly versatile and customizable for a distinct personal aesthetic.

Where to shop:

We’ve probably all bought a set of rings from Forever21 or H&M for under $10 at some point. Unfortunately, these rings last a total of around 27 minutes before the color rubs off, they stain my skin, or break. Consider some of the following shops when looking for your next jewelry staples.

1. Mejuri: If you want daintier, more classic pieces, Mejuri might be right up your alley. While they claim to be cheaper than other brands who produce fine jewelry, not all of Mejuri’s pieces are that affordable, as their prices start around $55 and can get as high as $375. However, their jewelry’s quality is reliable and may be worth the investment.

2. GLDN: If you’re into personalizing your jewelry, GLDN allows their customers to create bands with names, initials, notable dates, roman numerals, and even astrological constellations. In addition, GLDN sells a mix of bohemian and more simplistic pieces. What’s more, their prices aren’t too steep, ranging from $17-$50.


3. Alex and Ani: Alex and Ani offers slightly more eclectic pieces adorned with unique and meaningful charms, such as the Path of Life, Calavera, and Hand of Fatima. One of my personal favorites from the brand is their birthstone wrap ring that deviates from the traditional band and has a more personal aspect given that it’s set with your birthstone.

4. Etsy: Etsy could be characterized as a sort of “catch-all;” it’s unlikely you won’t find some variation of what you’re looking for on Etsy. They offer pieces that span a range of prices and styles. Etsy is a great way to look for unique, handmade pieces that fit your personal aesthetic. Moreover, with some rings starting at just a few dollars each, Etsy doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny.

Picking the right ring for you:

The world of accessories is bountiful, making it hard to decipher what it is exactly that you want. Consider three main factors: color, band design, and accents.

Color: Rings commonly come in gold, silver, or rose gold. Having all your rings be the same color offers a clean, chic look while pairing rings of different finishes produces a more eclectic vibe. If you’re looking to create an edgier look, black obsidian bands are an easy way to achieve that. Don’t feel limited to buying rings of a single color – variety in your collection allows you to create multiple looks with the same accessories!


Band design: Band designs range from thin, delicate bands to bolder, chunkier ones. Beyond band width, perhaps consider picking up rings with twisted bands or wrap rings to deviate from the traditional flat one.


Accents: There are various accents you can consider when looking for your next favorite accessory. Gemstones are a great way to incorporate subtle hints of color into your accessory game, such as sapphires or turquoise. There are various ways of personalizing your choice – pick a gemstone of your favorite color, one that looks nice against your skin tone, or even opt for something like your birthstone! If you don’t think gemstones are for you, you can look for rings with engraving designs or rings with designs built into the band.

Styling your ring:

Now that you’ve chosen your rings, how do you wear them? When it comes to accessorizing rings, it’s all about balancing different rings to create a personal and unique aesthetic.


Simplicity: Sometimes, less is more. Select just a couple rings you particularly like, and wear one on each hand on different fingers, or wear them on adjacent fingers on the same hand. The simplicity is clean and demonstrates how you value a few select pieces in your collection; we all have go-tos.


Stacking: For bolder looks, a one styling tip is to stack your rings by wearing multiple rings on the same finger. Stack thicker, heavier bands at the base of your fingers and offset them by wearing more delicate rings on the rest.


Incorporating color: Wear multiple rings with gemstones of the same color for a colorful pop. Space these rings out by wearing them on different fingers. Pairing them with other rings of the same band color will draw focus to your accented rings.

For a geometric look: Pair rings with different band designs together. Incorporate rings with zigzag bands, twisted bands, and wrap bands. For more of a statement, incorporate some rings with a thicker band, or opt for thinner bands for a chic, delicate look.

Midi-rings: Midi-rings are another great way to up your accessory game; wear one of your favorite bands at the base of your finger and compliment it by wearing a delicate midi-ring on the same finger to balance the look.



TAOTAO LI is a freshman in the College, hoping to pursue a major in Government and about 30 other things. In addition to being a writer for Thirty Seventh, she is passionate about social justice issues, Pixar’s Ratatouille, and blowing every penny she’s ever earned on skin care.


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