By: Chloe Kekedjian

Photos by: May Tan

No one can resist a free t-shirt. They might be bright, cheesy and categorically unflattering, but they’re still impossible to turn down! If you’re too clumsy to DIY and have more PJ shirts than anyone could ever need, here are some tips for putting those tees to good use.

For some reason, all of these shirts are exclusively cut into a square. I personally don’t like my clothes to make me look like spongebob squarepants, so the most important thing to do is add definition.

Tuck or Tie:EFGT_2.jpg

The easiest way to quickly make shirts more flattering is to tuck them into a skirt or pants (for a bonus, add a cute belt for extra flair). This is especially cute with pants that are patterned or high waisted. Mixing a nicer piece of clothing with a casual tee shirt can be a fun way to get more versatility out of your clothes. When you tuck your shirt in, gather any extra material in the back so the shirt wears smooth. Or if tucking in your tee shirts isn’t your thing, tying the end of the shirt is a classic way to make it look cute (especially when you’re given a shirt thats two or three sizes too big).

Layer it:EFGT_3.jpg

Another strategy is to add layers. With fall starting, throwing a cardigan or stylish jacket on top of your shirt can make all the difference. If you’re not ready to give up on your summer wardrobe just yet and you love that 90’s clothes are making a comeback, sport a dress on top of your oversized tee.

Roll Those Sleeves:EFGT_4.jpg

The sage advice of Tan France tells us that cuffing your short sleeved shirts will transform your life. While I can’t guarantee that, it definitely takes the shirt to the next level and gets rid of the awkward sleeve length.

Add Your Own Flair:EFGT_5.jpg

The line between fashion forward and faux pas is whether or not something looks purposeful. Adding accessories to your outfit will send the message that you put time and thought into your outfit. Another great way to make things look intentional is to make parts of your look sync up. Embrace the bold colors and patterns – complement the eccentric tones of the shirt with a bold, matching lip or blend a similar color into your crease.EFGT_6.jpg

Remember: the more you wear and wash these shirts, the less stubborn they become, so go forth and stylishly rep Georgetown!

CHLOE KEKEDJIAN is a freshman in the College studying Biochemistry. When she’s not stuck in lab, you can find her reapplying her lipstick after rapidly devouring carbs from Whisk or trying to use face masks to fix all of her problems.
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