By: Hannah Paynter

Photos by: Sarah Mardjuki

As anyone who lives in D.C. can tell you, the weather here is unpredictable to say the very least. This especially holds true when it comes to rain. As someone who used to live in a desert, I first arrived in DC owning no rain coat and no rain boots. I was lucky if I even stayed dry, let alone looked fashionable while doing it. After living here for a few years now, I have not only bought a raincoat and boots, but also learned many different ways to style them. So whether it’s 85 and lightly showering or 50 degrees and hailing, here are some tips and tricks to looking stylish no matter how wet the weather.  


For those humid summer rain showers, there is no need to completely bundle up. In fact, sometimes rain boots are not even necessary. Plastic slides or sandals are always a good choice to not only keep your shoes from getting soaked, but also to take advantage of the heat. Adding a little pop of color, especially on a rainy day never hurt anyone either.


No rainwear style would be complete without a tribute to everyone’s favorite Hunter boots. They can be worn with anything from a romper and raincoat in the summer to jeans and a waterproof puff in the winter.  


If Hunter boots are not your thing, waterproof combat boots are always a solid bet. These boots can make you feel like you can conquer not only the rain, but anything else that could try to dampen your day. Adding a little heel as well can bring some edge to a simpler outfit.


For all those busy, rainy days where you know you will be running around outside, athleisure has got you covered. Pair even the most simple outfit with a cute raincoat to complete your look.                      


Last, but not least, when all else fails, a solid umbrella can never let you down. Whoever decided that umbrellas should all be black clearly was feeling down from the rain. Look for an umbrella with a bright color or an interesting pattern. Oh yeah, and even if it’s sunny and 75, you should probably still carry one with you.

Hannah Paynter is a Junior in the College studying Biology of Global Health. When she is not inside a lab you can find her playing ultimate frisbee, listening to Chet Faker, and getting Wingos delivered any day of the week.
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