Photos by: Lauren Hyun

Anyone who has ever been hungover has experienced “black hole stomach” — when you wake up after a night of drinking, (or after many hours of day drinking) and your stomach turns into a ravenous, bottomless pit. Your body wants something greasy, salty, fatty, or sweet, and will not be satisfied until it gets what it needs.

I decided to survey a bunch of Georgetown students about their favorite hangover foods and covered every grade, lifestyle, and housing location. Hopefully, there’s something on the list that’s close to wherever you slept the night before (no judgement), so you won’t have to trek across Georgetown in the blinding sunlight or interact with too many people! Enjoy!


  1. Hilltoss (HFSC): bagel breakfast sandwiches
  2. Epi (Darnall): quesadilla and chicken noodle soup
  3. Chick Fil A (Leavey): spicy sandwich and fries
  4. Royal Jacket (Leavey): “The Cuban”
  5. Snaxa/Vittles (SWQ/Leavey): easy mac

Hungover Food-6

Right off-campus

    1. Wisey’s (36th St): “The Hot Chick”
    2. Saxby’s (35th and O): blueberry muffin and iced coffee
    3. Domino’s (Prospect St): cheesy bread
    4. Booey’s (Prospect and Potomac): pancakes



Hungover Food-2.jpg

A little farther off-campus

  1. Jaco: Tijuana street tacos and a smoothie
  2. South Block Juice Co.: PBJ smoothie and acai bowl
  3. Farmers Fishers and Bakers: First Bake

“I really cannot leave my room”

  1. Uber Eats: McDonald’s
  2. Advil and water.
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