Taking Care of your Skin with Take Care

By: Mallory Murray

Photos by: Marie Hoopes

Thirty Seventh recently partnered with Georgetown’s natural skincare and lifestyle boutique, Take Care, to host a class for students on the benefits of holistic beauty. Take Care was started by Becky Waddell after she noticed the need for natural beauty products in the D.C. area. A self-proclaimed “all-natural skincare, beauty, and lifestyle shop that offers an essential collection of plant-based and independent-label brands for the care of your skin, body, and home,” Take Care is not just your average cosmetics store. Besides getting to create our own face masks and explore the beautiful space, we also had the privilege of hearing from two of the store’s skincare experts. Whether you’re looking to incorporate plant-based products into your daily routine or just want to find out more about the dos and don’ts of skincare, check out some of the tips we gathered during our visit!


Some highlights from Take Care’s skincare experts:

  • Your skin is your largest organ, absorbing everything you put onto your body
  • Different skin types require different kinds of attention
  • Acne isn’t necessarily bad; sometimes it just means your body is doing its job to eliminate toxins
  • Over-exfoliation can cause as much damage to your skin as not washing enough

During the event, Thirty Seventh’s Kate Clark was able to speak with Manager Savannah Kilpatrick and Assistant Manager Saher Hussaini about their holistic beauty routines.


Kate Clark: What’s your typical skin care routine?

Savannah Kilpatrick: I have a long history with sensitive skin. I wash with Marie Veronique essential oil free oil cleanser. I mix up my routine a lot. I use Beauty Chefs’ probiotic skin refiner which is also a toner. That one’s awesome because it balances the pH in your skin. It’s all fermented, so it really helps to amp up the microbiome of the base. After that, sometimes I use their beauty fix balm because I have really dry, sensitive skin, so I need all the protection I can get.

Saher Hussaini: I also struggle with sensitive skin and hormonal breakouts, so I stick to gentler but effective skin care as well.  I actually use Pai. It’s formulated for sensitive skin, especially acne and eczema. I use their gentle gel – it’s a light, creamy, foaming cleanser. I follow it up with the balancing hypotonic from Marie Veronique. It’s a probiotic toner that helps rebalance the pH of your skin. I then follow that up with the rosewood oil from Pai, ultra-nourishing for the skin.  It’s a nice way to balance out the oily and dry areas of your skin. I finish with a moisturizer, which I switch up depending on the season.

KC: Why is holistic beauty an important health aspect to incorporate into your life?

SK: Mainly because your beauty products affect your hormones, which affects your life. Keeping everything in balance mentally, physically, spiritually is important. If you’re using products that are constantly full of synthetics, they are going to affect your overall well being.

SH: With hormones and acne breakouts, it’s very important to emphasize what you’re putting on your skin and what you’re ingesting. It’s important to remember there are so many pollutants in the world around us, so it’s beneficial to take the actions based on what you can control.


KC: What type of skincare do you think gets overlooked a lot?

SK: The microbiome of the face. The face is very different from the rest of the body. You cannot use a typical lotion or oil on the face because it’s so much more sensitive and delicate. But going back to pH level, a lot of times, if people have skin problems, it has a lot to do with over-exfoliating and getting rid of that defense layer of bacteria.  

SH: We’re taught to over-exfoliate our skin, which actually just causes your skin to panic more and become more inflamed.  

KC: Do you have any home tricks you like to use in your skin care?

SK: Adding honey to my routine.  Honey masks, washing the face with honey – specifically, manuka honey. I incorporate honey a lot because I struggle with dryness and it really helps keep the moisture in check and it’s an antibacterial without killing the actual good bacteria.  

SH: Something else I do is take essential oils and use those as aromatherapy – either peppermint or lavender. Both are really good for stress or helping induce focus.

SK: Also, if you struggle with breakouts or puffiness, working out and doing cardio helps reduce puffiness and inflammation. Doing cardio for at least 30 minutes makes a huge difference in your skin health.

SH: I also recommend massaging your facial skin everyday. This helps move the lymphatic fluid around your skin and help delay the aging process.


So what did we learn? Take the time to take care (no pun intended) of yourself! Whether that’s adding a couple drops of essential oil to your nightly routine or spending a few extra minutes at the sink massaging your face, your skin will most definitely thank you.

MALLORY MURRAY is senior in the MSB, majoring in International Business with a minor in Spanish. Her hobbies include cheering for Georgetown’s sports teams, drinking excessive amounts of black coffee, and aggressively stopping strangers in order to pet their dogs.


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