By: Amelia Smith

Cover Image: Empowering Colors Top Pantone Spring Color Trend Report for NYFW

Fashion is all about timing, location, and occasion. It’s about appealing to the current trends in ways that express your style, your attitude, and your own unique flare. But why not be ahead of the trends? According to Pantone, the company has been “helping companies [in fashion industries and home furnishing industries alike] make informed decisions about color for their brands or products” for years, and consumers consistently agree with their choices.

From London to New York, Fashion Week this past September was overwhelmingly vibrant and teeming was striking colors that tipped us off to the upcoming spring trends. Pantone is notably veering away from this year’s pastel color palette and steering towards a much brighter 2019. The goal of this new scheme is to inspire confidence, empowerment, and joy in its wearers. According to Pantone, “the mindset for Spring/Summer 2019 transcends seasonality for both men’s and women’s fashion.” Despite our anticipation of bolder colors in the New Year, Pantone’s twelve featured colors are by no means overwhelming, but rather uplifting in nature, which is conveyed through their descriptive titles: Fiesta, Jester Red, Turmeric, Living Coral, Pink Peacock, Pepper Stem, Aspen Gold, Princess Blue, Toffee, Mango Mojito, Terrarium Moss, and Sweet Lilac. The colors evoke bold flavor, exuberance for life, and a creative edge. Seeing as neutrals never go out of style, Pantone voices its take on four subtle neutrals it plans to see in stores this spring, which they have fittingly named Soybean, Eclipse, Sweet Corn, and Brown Granite.  

As college students, we might not have the budgets to accommodate purchasing the newest, freshest pieces off of the runway, but fear not, M Street has numerous stores with much more affordable prices to help you navigate your search for refreshing additions to your wardrobe.

J. Crew


Crew is never afraid to show off some bursts of color. They currently feature a lace dress with spaghetti straps in a bright fuschia and royal blue that very much resemble Pink Peacock and Princess Blue in Pantone’s 2019 lineup.


They also have beautiful Italian stadium-cloth wool coats that are perfect for any winter occasion. A coat that can be dressed up or down is always a must-have. Included in the array of colors are Heather Grass and Heather Sapphire Pink which are reminiscent of Pantone’s color scheme.

    3. ‘FIESTA’

Who doesn’t need a fleece entering into the cold winter months? Prepare yourself for chilly walks across campus with this warm Polartec fleece in ‘Bright Cerise’.

    4. ‘ASPEN GOLD’

If you’ve been searching for that perfect holiday dress, look no further. This rich gold satin dress is ahead of the trend in that it is nearly identical in color to Pantone’s Aspen Gold, which is rumored to be the hottest color of 2019.

Urban Outfitters


Heading into the cooler months of fall without a good pair of corduroys might just be sacrilegious. If your closet is lacking a pair, head on over to Urban for a neutral brown pair, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, go with their loud red.

    2. ‘SWEET LILAC’

Your Saturday nights might never be the same with this soft pink velvet tank top. Keep it simple with the matching midi skirt by Urban or tone it down with your favorite pair of jeans.

Forever 21

    1. ‘JESTER RED’

This cropped jacket is a great transitional piece for fall and winter. It’s cozy, stylish, and versatile while still being a statement piece.

    2. ‘ECLIPSE’

And now for the neutral! Navy never goes out of style and Eclipse is a slightly darker, smokier take on the traditional navy. This “paperbag skirt” is understated with just the right amount of flare. Pair with a bright or cream colored top and some flats and you’re set!



There’s a reason they call this the “Never-Let-Me-Go” sweater. It’s probably the closest thing to a hug that you can buy. This natural shade of green can’t help but put you in a calm state of mind.

    2. ‘SWEET CORN’

We’re all about the complimentary neutrals. Opt for the monotone look by pairing this top with a cream pair of pants or lighten up a simple skirt or corduroys.


AMELIA SMITH is a freshman in the College majoring in Biology as the (potentially) only Pre-Vet student on campus. Her Facebook feed consists of VetVine posts, cute puppies, and dressage videos. When she isn’t power-walking across campus in flats (even in inclement weather), you can find her drinking hot chai lattes in Uncommon Grounds, studying for her next Chinese test, or walking dogs around Georgetown.


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