GRLA X Lamborghini

By: Sabrina Sawhney

Photos by: GRLA

I had the pleasure of attending GRLA’s event with Lamborghini CEO Alessandro Farmeschi. GRLA, or Georgetown Retail and Luxury Association, is a student organization with the mission of educating Georgetown students about the retail and luxury industries and also connecting them with opportunities in those fields. GRLA has hosted a number of illustrious executives in the past from companies such as Tiffany and co., Fendi, Tom Ford, Bentley, and more.


After the club’s reception showcasing Lamborghini cars by the front gates, Fameschi presented a brief overview of Lamborghini’s history. He described its origins in Santa de Bolognese, Italy and how it has since grown to numerous countries in America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. He also described the company’s values of passion, excellence, innovation, sustainability, and luxury. Another feature described by Fameschi was the freedom the company’s engineers have to design what they want for the models and the freedom given to the customers to customize the interior of their cars, referred to as “ad personam”.


Fameschi’s presentation concluded with a preview of the brand’s plans for the future and a Q&A with GRLA’s faculty advisor, Professor Ricardo Ernst. Lamborghini’s most recent model is a Super Sports SUV. With an increased factory space, Lamborghini continues to aim to grow and adapt to the market trends and technological advances of the time. The company is currently working with M.I.T. on a long term project entitled “terzo millenio” on the future of Lamborghini and its products that will be released in fifteen to twenty years.


GRLA’s event with Alessandro Farmeschi was extremely interesting. It was so cool to hear about Lamborghini from someone so involved in the company.  I am excited for their future events for the rest of the year. Be sure to check out to learn more about GRLA and to learn more about Lamborghini.

Sabrina Sawhney is an undecided pre-med freshman in the college. When she is not doing her biology homework, she dances with Georgetown’s Tapping Jacks, co-runs a food instagram, teaches S.T.E.A.M. through DC Schools, and consumes large quantities of almond-based products.


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