Fashion Exchange: What London Girls Are Wearing in 2019

By Tori Nagudi

London girls are not known for smiling at strangers, but they redeem themselves by providing passersby with aesthetic inspiration. What are London girls wearing right now, and what lessons can they teach us about looking good? Because I endured 16 hours of turbulence, you no longer have to wonder.

Perhaps you’ve yearned, as of late, to revitalize your closet or perhaps you like your present inventory, but have run out of new combinations to try. As I don’t want to post street style shots without the consent of the subjects, I’ve tapped my favorite UK ‘grammers to serve as representative samples. No matter what your sartorial existence is lacking, it could be worth a shot to take a few fashion cues from across the pond.

Sporty Girls:


Cream separates gain their centering with a geometric focal point.


Designer accessories inject luxury into a dressed-down look. High-street fanny packs create novelty. A black puffer coat gives a nod to the moment, while neon accents add interest.


Boyish joggers get a girly twist with a velvet puffer and platform sneakers. A monochrome scheme adds a touch of intentionality to an otherwise laid-back look.


A mix of shapes and textures makes an undifferentiated color scheme appear accented. Balenciaga Speed Trainers allow a busy silhouette to preserve its nonchalance. As puffer meets streamlined sneak, we see a juxtaposition between maximal and minimal.


A lazy day look is livened up with rainbow pastel stripes, the McQueen retake on the Stan Smith, and slime green, our color du jour.


Monochrome white always promises a clean look. Color pops, here, rescue the observer from fatigue.

Cool Girls:


A gold chain and tube socks deliver streetwear influences. A long leather duster (best acquired vintage) creates a sense of wayward femininity. Drama and intrigue define the mood.


An otherwise ritzy olive slip dress is proletarianized by angsty underpinnings. A black graphic tee, semi-sheer tights, and shiny combat boots are often handy weapons in the battle to dress things down.


The Canadian tuxedo becomes a fashion statement by appropriating features usually found in the sweatsuit.


Wear all black, be seen as chic. Doesn’t it seem a bit too easy? If so, a ripped hem, statement accessories, and a small surprise (in this case, orange plaid) breathe new life into a tried and true formula.


Boilersuits! What’s not to love? While a heel might’ve made things too sincere, dad shoes keep this silhouette from taking itself too seriously.


Maximal through and through, this outfit takes up space and eschews an apology. M2k Tekno sneakers and chunky socks are feminized as they hit a floaty hem. The loud print that it hosts is balanced by colorlessness above and below.


Here we have another all-black look, but this time square toed boots and star-studded accents intercept monotony. An otherwise traditional Chanel bag receives an update, embellishing without overpowering.


Monochrome purple- another method of asserting your dominance. Inspire the peasants to worship by emulating this mulberry marvel.

Sophisticated Girls:


Red gloss- how can you not? Statement pants are always a power move, and these cherry bad boys are no exception. A mix of textures creates contrast to be envied. Muted makeup accentuates without competing.


Creams, soft grays, and chocolate browns are integrated successfully through the buffering force of a black jumpsuit. A turtleneck and check print blazer incorporate high-class symbolisms. Yet, a wide-legged hem stops this outfit from being excessively professorial.


Old Western themes are predominant in this look, which acquires daintiness with a flouncy sleeve and the migration of the buckle from belt to bag. An achromatic two-tone color scheme creates intentionality unmatched in cowboy iconography. The soft, billowy texture of the shirt balances a rough jean, striking equilibrium.


Dreamy, oceanic hues are complemented by neutral browns, creating a clean and preppy palette. This look is decisively minimal, but its simplicity is its strength. Versatility results.


Comfortable, warm, and flattering, the beige boiler suit is often enigmatic.

Other Looks:


A blazer reinvents itself as dress and sports sparkle oft-reserved for other garments. A short hem is balanced by a fully-covered upper body. The blazer-dress, focal point of this outfit, is accompanied by a color scheme that works for all winter festivities.


Leather jacket and belt, printed tee, jeans. The cool girl uniform may not be new, but at least it’s foolproof. This iteration is modernized with a belt chain, streetwear-inspired, and two tone jeans.


I must not neglect the most important style tip: always continue, unyieldingly, to wear the things that make you feel good. It’s difficult to purchase interest from others, so it only makes sense to buy clothes for the purpose of your own entertainment. That said, there’s also nothing wrong with acknowledging the fact that currency is a currency. It’s human nature to seek the new and the relevant, the more international the better.

What can we learn from London girls? Utilitarianism only seems to be desirable insofar as it is supplemented by aesthetic intention. The decision to dress for beauty and make it comfortable (instead of the inverse) can be dynamic. Attending to personal touches can create a noticeable aura that sets you apart from the rest. Though a high/low mix or monochrome ensemble can be alluring, style doesn’t necessitate exertion. It starts with cuffing your jeans or making the decision to put on earrings. In achieving good form, there’s no need for excessive effort; just an extra minute before the mirror. If you’d like to give your closet a bit of a cosmopolitan twist, a London update may feel right.

TORI NAGUDI enjoys procrastination via watching makeup tutorials, reading Nietzsche, and drinking ungodly amounts of espresso. Her areas of expertise include spending money, curl maintenance, and Myers-Briggs personality typing. She has not been seen without lipstick since 2009.

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