Your Spring Break Reading List

By: Sofia Tate

Photos by: Kate Clark

While every Hoya knows that a spare moment (that isn’t filled with a Netflix binge) is hard to come by during the semester, spring break is the perfect time to catch up on some non-required reading. Keep scrolling for our top recs.


The Secret History by Donna Tartt

While her book The Goldfinch has certainly been her most popular work, I am a huge fan of this book. It tells the story of a group of friends at a small, elite college in New England who murder their friend. Tartt provides you with the ending at the start of the book, but it is the how and the why for the murder that draws in her readers. The further you read, the more you find yourself getting lost in the details, looking for the motive in every sentence. Although not a typical layout for a murder mystery, Tartt keeps you on your toes and your head spinning. I promise you won’t be able to put it down.


The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

Okay I know that it is so much easier to watch the show, but I am telling you that reading the book is absolutely worth it. Even if you have already been-there-binged-that on Hulu, reading the story shows off Atwood’s brilliance. Her character development is amazing and she manages to create a scarily-possible dystopia. Huge plus–there are no commercials. Once you have read it, the show is also a must because Elisabeth Moss is simply incredible.


Educated by Tara Westover

This book got some amazing reviews after it was released last winter, and after reading an article about the author and her new book in an issue of Vogue over the summer I felt like it needed to be on the top of my list. I was totally right, and it should be on the top of yours too. Westover’s memoir is about her childhood in Idaho, living with her survivalist parents. After a childhood spent collecting food with her father, who feared the government was using schools and hospitals to brainwash its citizens, she tells of the important role that education played in her life from the moment she first entered a classroom at age seventeen. I won’t give away too much of this amazing memoir, but it is similar to The Glass Castle in structure. It is definitely my favorite on this list, and everyone should go out and buy it right now.


Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

If you are looking for a dark serial killer mystery to give you nightmares that are worse than your cringey uncle at Christmas dinner, this is the book for you. It was just made into an HBO mini series with Amy Adams, BUT WAIT–before you click over to your HBO account, consider the fact that the book is amazing and it was slightly different from the show. In addition, reading the book will give you a little bit more time and detail to figure out who the killer is on your own. Unfortunately, I watched the show first and I actually had no idea who the culprit was until the last minute of the show, so do yourself a favor and pick up the book before you get sucked into another HBO masterpiece.   


SOFIA TATE is a sophomore in the College who spends large amounts of time watching food videos and memorizing Pitbull songs instead of doing her work. She loves turtlenecks, and enjoys watching excessively dramatic teen shows on ABC family.


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