Thirty Seventh’s Study Break Playlist

By: Chloe Suzuki

Pictures by: Chloe Suzuki

It’s midterm szn. You’ve got one this week, two next week, and a paper to finish by tomorrow that’s worth an absurd amount of your grade. There is no time to waste and you must dedicate any “free time” you have to get this work done. But although it may seem unimportant and unfathomable right now, you deserve time for yourself. You deserve a time where you don’t have to worry about obligations or deadlines, a time when you can get lost in your own thoughts and practice mindfulness. Being busy can be good and bad. Busy is good when you are active and involved, but can also be bad if you are feeling overwhelmed or not healthy physically and mentally. Although we try to find a balance, it can be hard when we get caught up in the momentum of our routines.

When you need a break, physically remove yourself from your work to force obligations out of your mind. It is also helpful to turn notifications off on your devices to allow time for yourself. Put in your headphones, cue this playlist, and close your eyes. Instead of an alarm, use the songs to time your break. If you want around a 10-minute break, play three songs. If you’d like to take a longer break (or even a quick nap), you could even play the entire thing! Do what you feel your mind and body need, so that you can get right back to work to kick butt this midterm szn. (Feel free to add to this list or create a playlist of your choosing! Listen to whatever will help you unwind best!)

Midnight Melody – A playlist for when you need a break from the routine. Sit back, relax, and just listen…

Midnight Melody Playlist

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