Our Favorite Underrated Corp Drinks

By: Chloe Kekedjian
Pictures by: Helena Yang

We know it doesn’t take long to run out of flex dollars, and while we can’t make you better at budgeting, we can make sure you aren’t wasting them on untested impulse drink orders! Check out a few of our faves; they just may become yours too!


For the small step outside of your comfort zone: The Frannie

If you’re a coffee purist, you’re not likely to pick out one of the fancy lattes the corp offers, but sometimes your watered-down whisk coffee just isn’t cutting it. The Frannie is just a vanilla iced coffee with whipped cream, which sounds basic but can be a nice treat for a pick me up without a sugar overload. Alternatively, you could treat it as a regular iced coffee after you eat all of the whipped cream off of the top (hypothetically, of course).

Available: All corp cafe locations (called an “Anna K” at Midnight Mug)

For a treat on rainy days: The Ophelia

The Ophelia is a coffee with chai powder which strikes a nice balance between being too sweet and too bitter. It’s a great spicy and cozy drink that also sounds more sophisticated than “chai latte.” Also available is its counterpart: “Dirty Chai,” which is a chai latte with a shot of espresso, for when you need a real pick-me-up.

Available: All corp cafe locations (called an “All the King’s Chai” at Midnight Mug)


For a caffeine-free treat: Lavender Italian Soda

This is a super refreshing drink in a pretty light purple color for someone who is sick of water or just likes their drinks to be Instagram-ready. Italian Sodas are generally a pretty good alternative to regular sodas and come in lots of other flavors! If you prefer your lavender in candles and soaps, the raspberry and mango are also great!

Available: All corp cafe locations (so long as they have your desired syrup)

For the person who scoffs at “caffeine-free”: The Red Eye

Different corp locations have variations on this drink, but the basic idea is to take the caffeine of a cup of coffee and fuse it with the caffeine of espresso in an effort to combat the basic human desire for sleep. While it might be a great solution for someone who procrastinated until the middle of the night or the high-functioning caffeine addict, it is not for the faint of heart.

Available: All corp cafe locations, but when you need it most, Midnight Mug is probably the only place still open.

*Don’t forget your reusable mug for an environmental discount (and your reusable straw because you’re a good samaritan)!

CHLOE KEKEDJIAN is a freshman in the College studying Biochemistry. When she’s bouncing back and forth between Reiss and Reagents all day, you can find her reapplying her lipstick after rapidly devouring carbs from Whisk or trying to use face masks to fix all of her problems.

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