The Essential Shoes of Spring 2019

By: Sabrina Sawhney

Photos by: May Tan

With the temperature finally rising above freezing, we can bust out shoes that do not go up to the knee and let our feet breathe! I am excited to share my go-to shoes for the spring and where styles like them can be found, so without further ado…

Flowery sneakers:


I love wearing these golden goose sneakers out to dinner or even to dress up my lazy day leggings and t-shirt look. While these were limited edition from Italy, there are so many similar  shoes on the market.

Other shoes like them here and here.



My black backless loafers are some of my favorite shoes I own. Although they are slightly dressier than the sneakers, I love wearing them with my going-out-to-dinner outfit, to class, or just to stroll around Georgetown. Their color enables them to match with practically any outfit I wear. One of my favorite aspects about these shoes is that their backless-ness makes them feel like I am walking around in slippers, and my feet don’t hurt after wearing them for long periods of time.


Other shoes like them here and here.


A very popular style in Spain, these nude, suede espadrilles can be worn with lazy day outfits, class, out to dinner, or even to the beach. I often pair them with dresses and skirts. They are also super comfortable. While my favorite suede style is no longer available, espadrilles are a staple available in many materials and versions. Other favorites over the years have also been in leather material.

Find espadrilles here, here, here, and here.

Of course, there are so many more shoe styles to choose from, but if you are looking to pare down your wardrobe this spring (maybe in preparation for summer traveling?), start with these essentials! Tried and true, I guarantee these spring staples will never go out of style.

SABRINA SAWHNEY is an undecided pre-med freshman in the college. When she is not doing her biology homework, she dances with Georgetown’s Tapping Jacks, co-runs a food instagram, teaches S.T.E.A.M. through DC Schools, and consumes large quantities of almond-based products.


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